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Jun 26, 2018
Timeless human disasters
For centuries humanity has been terrorised from lots of natural disasters, including fire, drought and famine. And mostly these disasters took place exactly because of humans’ actions. Those, who were before us, provoked big part of earthquakes by mining precious metals during the gold rush, also they have provoked giant breakdown and human losses around the whole globe during two world wars. All of these events are terrible, but almost each of them could be avoided, just if people were aware.
If you think that all bad things, which have happened are in the past; they are on a dark shelf of our history and at all such thing won’t never occur again. You’re completely wrong, because even in our, how we think, technological and developed world, the existence of such problems still continues. And the worst of them is human famine…
And like before knowledge of how to solve this problem would be enough.

How to protect our world from famine
You will be surprised, if you notice how much rubbish we produce. It’s everywhere now: near by our houses, at the squares, beyond our cities, in the ocean and space. Big part of that rubbish is leftovers, and, what is more, less than a quarter of them would enough to feed all starving people.
This also a timeless problem, but nowadays some countries, for example France, have special law that make it forbidden to put food, that can be eaten, in a bin. And hopefully similar legislations soon will appear in such states as:
  • Great Britain
  • USA
  • Canada (or in the light of recent events Canabia)
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Germany
What is interesting about the last one is that there’s a law like that, which works only in Berlin. And almost every tourist, who came to this, wondering why there are loaves of bread in the bakery which you can take for free in the evening. And lots of other aspects like that, which all are aimed at helping people, who’re starving.
Timeless human disasters
Let’s say that after reading this text you’re seriously interested in helping people feat the famine. But what can you do alone, how you can find people with the same idea, if your country isn’t so developed like the ones above and how crypto anarchists say: “Countries only wants to get your taxes and give nothing in exchange”.
The easiest way to solve all these problems at ones is Delicia project.

What does this platform gives?
Delicia is deeply developed, blockchain based with AI on board platform, where customers can get the best food for cheapest price. Farmers can sell their crops for good prices. And restaurant owners can get better quality products and find out more clients.

I’m sorry that this article was more about moral and humanity problems instead of crypto, but i’m sure that such thing must be shown in public to be solved then.

But if you want to find more info about the Delicia itself, here’s your ticket to the new world: ICO Delicia to Maximize Use Food » - Online Investment Watch Blog
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