Dash Review



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Jun 15, 2018
Dash (formerly Darkcoin and XCoin) is an open source P2P cryptocurrency, a fork of bitcoin, that offers faster and more private transactions than bitcoin. Like many other cryptocoins, DASH is a decentralized currency — the issue occurs during mining. 90% miners' reward are distributed between the miners and the operators of master-nodes. The remaining 10% are used to finance approved projects. Apart from Bitcoin's options, Dash provides private transactions (PrivateSend), instant transactions (InstantSend), and operates a self-funding and self-governing mechanism that fosters the creation of independent entities that serve the network.

The key differences between the coins are the following:
  • Dash offers more anonymous transaction than Bitcoin;
  • Several cryptographic algorithms are used in Dash;
  • Less energy mining in Dash;
  • All members of the Dash network are involved in the decision making process ;
Dash uses a two-tier network of miners and master-nodes, ensuring transaction anonymity and their faster confirmation (Bitcoin uses a single-tier miners network)
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