News Current price trend - $8,000 Breakout. Now What?



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May 17, 2019
I saw thrust motivating news on
Maybe it's good to trust the current surge

Bitcoin made a huge run in the previous day trading carrying along the whole market in a $30 billion market gain and Bitcoin itself moving to $8,700. so to expect after this surge?
Analyst have pointed out a possible bull run in the next days that may take the price up to the $10,000 support after which it may settle a little before another run. This they say has been the habit of Bitcoin.
Remember the previous run of 2017 when it will only take a month to move up to $19,000. each movement with a two days surge then a recess then the surge again.
Pointing this out, analysts note that the surge may not possibly be a bubble, this is because Bitcoin has been here before and far more that it, so moving up is like trying to get back to your previous level.

What do you think? Are you investing or staying back... You may just miss out if you stay back though
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Jun 26, 2018
These days it really seems like Bitcoin is going though it has already been to - price movements supposed to be cycled by most analytics. In fact however, the true greatness of crypto technologies is ahead. This way any time for investing in these must be ok, on the other as always it is a better idea to buy when it's low in price.

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