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CEO, Epixel Solutions
Apr 9, 2019
Consider a situation where you own a cryptocurrency "X" and you want to buy cryptocurrency "Y" with it. In order to exchange these two cryptocurrencies, you definitely require an exchange platform. With the Epixel Cryptocurrency Exchange Software, owners of the cryptocurrencies or third party currency holders can buy, sell and trade various crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and even their own customized cryptocurrencies.
Our white labelled cryptocurrency exchange software helps you to perform highly secure and fast digital currency transactions.

Some of the features of our exchange software include:
  • Direct exchange - Exchange your cryptocurrency with any other cryptocurrency directly with high security.
  • Multi-wallet - Store cryptocurrencies in muti wallet
  • Market Rates - Know about the current market rate of cryptocurrencies along with the market cap.
  • Liquidity - Allows the users to quickly convert their cryptocurrency into liquid cash.
  • Profile history - The complete history of all the exchanges you have performed.
  • Analytics - The information about various trading activities of the users will be represented in graphical format for any future references.

Our platform provides advanced security dedicated to the entire platform and for the wallet system.
  • PCI & OWASP Compliance:
  • Secure & granular user access control
  • Two Factor Authentication(2FA)
  • Anti-CSRF token - CSRF
  • DDoS attack security
  • Encrypted data
  • Web Application Firewall
Visit our official page to know more:
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