Crypto Security Guidelines (Part 2)



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Jun 18, 2018
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Keep Anonymous

Anonymity on Twitter and other social networks adds another level of protection between you and fraudsters. Remaining anonymous, you hide your identity, sex, age, race, nationality, origin, etc.

In many countries, even involvement in crypto market is perceived as a symbol of wealth. In some cases this can harm not only the investor, but also his friends and relatives. Criminals do not shun either kidnapping people or extortion.

Use Different Emails for Different Investment Accounts

Do not use the same e-mail address for social networks and registration on the websites of crypto exchanges. Usually social networks are easier to crack than exchanges.

Crypto Security Guidelines (Part 2)

For even greater security, use a separate e-mail address for each exchange. In this case, the problem will be to remember the passwords for all of these addresses, but paranoia sometimes works wonders. It goes without saying that you should not create the same password for different accounts, otherwise you greatly simplify the task for hackers.

Bookmark Websites

The easiest way to lose a cryptocurrency is to go to a phishing site. Imagine that you have bought a new laptop and decided to conduct a transaction on the stock exchange. You open the browser, enter "Binance" in the search bar and randomly navigate through the first advertising link. You enter the account (you have two-factor authentication disabled) ... and lose all your money, not only on Binance, but also, probably, on other exchanges. It is very easy to create a duplicate site and place it in the top search lines in Google Ads. This has happened many times with the popular MEW wallet, so carefully follow your actions, do not click on the links in the Google search; enter them yourself in the address bar or open them from the saved bookmarks.

Use VPN when Browsing Public WiFi

Use VPN services. They will help to avoid Wi-Fi spoofing, interception of unencrypted packets / cookies and other types of attacks. Install antivirus and firewall.

Behave in the virtual world just like in the real one. Be careful, do not expose your money, keep the keys in a safe place. Use common sense — there are much more malicious software, many hackers and tracking artificial intelligence systems on the network than you can imagine.
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