Coinwages Investment Platform (CWG) [Loan - Weekly distribution - Risk free HYIP]



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May 16, 2019
I am glad to inform you of our platform, I will give you full details below as I am also one of the team.
The Coinwages platform was carefully thought of to help tackle issue of money loss due to unpredictable HYIP schemes. An alternative to that in a way that will keep money being earned at a good rate and there won't be a loss of fund at all (risk free) was planned and the answer is Coinwages. Coinwages is a cryptocurrency project with the aim of equal wealth distribution and opportunities.
Three financial schemes are currently under the project:
  1. CWG Disburese: here you stake your CWG tokens, [CWG token is our official token available on Waves Exchange] Stake your tokens for 1 week and you will get 30% of your stake. The CWG token will be distributed in this manner till all is exhausted. The token is already available on exchanges with the price at
  2. Loan - Legal HYIP: here you deposit any amount of Bitcoin (BTC) to the provided wallet, after 6 days double your BTC is sent back to you as loan that is a 100%. You are expected to return the loan in 4 months, failure to do so will get your BTC address blacklisted and you won't be able to participate in the scheme until you pay back.
  3. Profit Hunter: here you deposit any amount of Bitcoin (BTC). It will be added to a pool where there are many other depositors, the pool will be used to do many profit target programs, after a month your deposited BTC will be returned to you then the profit gained through the month and an amount of CWG will be distributed among participants in the percentage of their contribution in the pool.
Many other schemes will be introduced to help our members financially.
Join us on our website now to participate i our schemes. You can also join our forum, you will get some amount of CWG for joining and for referral.
Coinwages is not a ghost project, we are 100% legal and we have a token also, this will establish us as a first of its kind financial project on the blockchain with a legal HYIP

Our Legitimacy:
*We are using one wallet to handle each of the scheme for transparency. You will be able to know how much is on the wallet and if their is any suspicious movement
*We are a Crypto project with a token CWG which is currently listed on the Waves Platform Exchange.
*We have a telegram channel where you can get to us and contact admin for direct chat in case of any issue


Token Information:
Platform: Waves Platform
Asset name: Coinwages (CWG)
Asset ID: wsQUgjSjDs42obtXno7sx7HcXKbmuheJ2DFhdLE5xRm
Initial price: 0.1 USD
Exchange: Waves Decentralised exchange
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Number of Trading Pairs: 17

To store CWG token, you need a waves wallet;
Get a Waves wallet here:
Log in or sign up.
Navigate to the Exchange section in the wallet
Start exchanging.
You can get the token from BTC, ETH and WAVES trading pairs at a discount price of 0.07 USD

If you have any question or you encounter any issue, you can post on this thread and I will respond. Lets help this project trying to implement financial freedom by joining, inviting and paying back our loans as at when due. Thanks
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May 17, 2019
Sounds interesting, i'll check it out. You're from Nigeria right? lets chat up

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