ClixSense Online Extra money!



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May 25, 2019
ClixSense is one of the Best PTC site online sence 2007 year.He paid over 39 milion dolars to they members!
You can earn making survey,task and offers.Start from 0.01 to 10$ per offers,task and survey!
You can earn more and more if you collect referrals to help you build your fast and easy eaning
Earnig from the referral start as 20% and increase to 30% depents from how many active referrals do you have.
For example if one of you referral make 10$ from task,offer or survey you will get 2$ commision and so on!
Also earn sing up commision for every referral 0.10 to 0.30$ and for the first 5$ earn of one referal you get 2$ bonus one time!
Minimum to withdraw is 10$, but if you seriose you can make that money on one day!

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