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May 13, 2019
This is a summary statement of - business model within a few minutes . This is about the purchase of a breeding-place for cannabis plants. The company has existed since 2018 and is NOW with an affiliate marketing viral - globally!
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Te real thinnk about CannerGrow

The first Grow Results

and as Video with Wallet her:

is a Swiss research and production enterprise of cannabis.

The company was established in 2017 as a project of MSL Industries GmbH and became a separate company on 18.07.2018 as spun GmbH, based in the Swiss Pfäffikon. The new project of is and offers us the market worth billions of cannabis to take part.

The project of the company is to provide Multigenerational for reconnaissance that cannabis is not considered a gateway drug, but to point out the benefits to the health and healing of cancer patients people, as well as promote research in these areas and to provide people with their own products.

The four founders of by are Sascha Adrian Waeschle , Severin Amweg Jem , Levin Kim Amweg and Maik Marcel Pietrowski founded the company to be with the aim of Europe's largest cannabis producer and exporter. Our team is made up of the following 13 sections, work together hand in hand.

The team of by

location Switzerland
The plantation of in Switzerland is a 30-minute drive from the city center of the capital Bern. On the 1500m2 find our facilities such as reception, offices and meeting rooms space, as well as our grow rooms and the entire production line, including its own laboratory. Breed at this location and we produce under Swiss law and our own highly set standard plants and products with a THC content to 1%.

An application for cultivation of cannabis plants with more than 1% THC has already been asked and should be through in about 6 months.

location Macedonia
We are about 20,000 m² to cultivate greenhouse, gradually in Macedonia, where the cannabis law is similar in Canada. Our country is only 10 minutes from the main airport Skopje. The proposed greenhouse is being built according to the highest standards of the European Union ( ).

High THC-containing plants
Another interesting point is that Macedonia enables the extraction and export of cannabis oil with a high THC content for medical purposes.

More sales for CannerGrow and its customers
In Macedonia, we may grow cannabis with more than 1% THC. The cannabis, which we grow there is used for oil to win. Profit margins for cannabis oil are much higher and therefore generate more revenue for the plant owner.

is a crypto-project , which of was launched and created. Which has great potential in my opinion. So you can also use the very Effective lever from Bitcoin course for themselves.

It should also persons possibility give a possessing cannabis plant without having to get involved and to benefit, among others, in the worldwide market worth billions cannabis. The straight flourish only really am is through legalization and acceptance of individual countries. In different countries there was already clubs prior years may make personal use for people with a prescription. The concept of is, as we see, a lot bigger and receives now very well accepted by investors .

We take care of the equipment, the cultivation and sale - You're making you our know-how for the benefit.

Now you have the possibility of this billion-dollar market to benefit.

Cannergrow has a Plant - Token Sale started with a hard cap of 17.5 M EUR .

The token will be an ERC-20 Smart Contract on the Ethereum block chain.

Always 100 tokens are supported by a breeding place for a plant ( 50,000 plants | 5,000,000 tokens ).


Are you satisfied with , we offer you an opportunity to a supplemental income to build by recommending our products.

We offer a Unilevel Compensation Plan at the on 7 levels with up to 20% reimbursed.

In addition, we give you a residual income bonus offer which you 20% has spread over 7 levels.

Are you satisfied with Cannergrow, we offer you an opportunity to one additional passive income to build by recommending our products.

In our Unilvel compensation plan you will get 20% on your first 7 levels .

This means you get every time a commission when someone a plant | Token buys.

In their first level you will be at 7% of all plants purchased - paid tokens. From the second to the seventh level, you get again 13%.

You will receive the commission directly once someone has bought a plant.

To qualify for the commission they need not have its own plant. but need before paying owned by at least one plant | be 100 tokens.

Check out the graph more closely to find out more details.

The Residual Income Bonus gives you the opportunity to build a residual income through marketing activities.

You can totally 20% in your first 7 levels deserve.

In your first level, they are paid at 7% of the total profits of the plants of their partners. From the second to the fifth level, you get 13% again.

You will receive the commissions immediately after the distribution.

To qualify for the commission of the residual bonus, you must be in possession of at least one plant / 100 tokens.

For example,
now 1,000 plants are sold in your First Line | 1,000,000 tokens.
Pro harvest which roughly corresponds to a gain of 70,000 EUR.
In your first-line they will get a bonus of 7% of 70,000 €.
This would be 4,900 € for you by your first-line with each harvest.

Transparency is just as important as you and us. We offer the following payment providers:

… Thank you for your attention.
If you want to know more about us and our products - contact us now, the person who invited you to this presentation.

- The Cannabis production with Bitcoin!
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