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Jun 26, 2018
Why it is hard to make your idea live nowadays?

One of the easiest ways to do so is using such called crowdfunding. The concept itself is really cool: you have an idea → you describe about it on special site → other people invest in it → you work on your project → you have just changed the world!

Boomstarter network - invest in investment platform

Sounds great, but in real we have these: giant system commissions, problems with law, misunderstandings with people, complexity of money withdrawal - and this is only a small part of problems, you are going to face in case you have a great idea, but don’t have enough money to implement it.

Why boomstarter can make everything better?

To begin with, the company that do this platform is called boomstarter, while the project name is or, if you’d like to, crowdfunding 2.0, and it’s absolutely fair to call it such way.

After the long pause in developing of crowdfunding, it can change a lot, instead of classic system with bakers, authors and system, that controls every your move, here we can see ecosystem with more people integrated in it. This includes miners, miners pro (sounds pretty strange). What is more, we can see some big changes in relations between the old types of users.

For example, as author, who get money invested in your idea you don’t have to pay commission, but extra small platform and miners fee, together it all is about 20% of funded sum. It’s a lot, but, on the other side, no one platform can offer you such functionality for so small percent.

But it won’t probably be interesting for you as for investor. What is going to be interesting for you is the reasons of trustworthy. This crowdfunding platform works for more than 8 years, it has millions of dollars invested in projects here and it is the biggest in Eastern Europe.

Already excited and have an idea that will affect your society and the whole globe: The First Cryptofunding Platform

Or you aren’t, so you need to find out more specifications and interesting facts about this platform: Boomstarter Network. The Next Leap in Developing of Crowdfunding
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