Bonuses in Online Casinos. Their Types and Descriptions



Jun 26, 2018
Despite prohibitions of casinos as well as restrictions of gambling in some countries, online casinos are gaining more and more popularity with each year all over the globe. One of the factors why it is so is use of cryptocurrencies among users and gambling companies. In contrast to bank payments and e money services, cryptocurrencies offer safe, anonymous, transparent and fast transactions.

To date, most of popular casinos support deposit and withdrawal via bitcoin and other currencies, such as Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Dogecoin etc. Some online casinos do all their transactions using cryptocurrencies or even use the blockchain to organize their work. These technologies make players able to check the fairness anytime they want to, easily start a partnership with the casino (referral program) or get additional bonuses (free faucets).

Beginners have probably heard about big amount of bonuses in online casinos, but not everyone knows what these bonuses are and what are the main types of them. Bonuses is promotion that is aimed to attract more players to a certain casino. To simplify, bonuses are just promotional offers. However, sometimes they are aimed at promoting regular players for their activity and loyalty.

Welcome bonus

This bonus type is the most popular among all the casinos. It can be received in a variety of ways according to rules. In most cases it can be deposit and nondeposit.

The nondeposit one is charged immediately after registration. Size of such bonus isn’t usually big – around $5. What is more, you aren’t able to withdraw them. To do this you must make a few bets, total sum of which is several dozen times more than the bonus itself. In most cases this rate (wager) is 40. How you can see, math says that you will probably get nothing from this bonus. That way, the only chance to win this bonus back is choose slots or strategies with high dispersion, i.e. bet the maximum sum.

Deposit welcome bonus is available in all online casinos. To get it, you have to deposit some money on your account. This type of bonus is fixed, however, it is normal for gambling sites to set the minimal size of deposit $10-30. If the bonus is shown in percent, you can get it, despite how much did you put.

Bonuses in Online Casinos. Their Types and Descriptions

Sticky bonus

The idea is pretty simple - a player have to complete certain tasks, after what he can get his payoff (amount on the wallet minus the bonus size). In this type, the bonus isn’t given to the winner, but it’s returned to the casino. For example, if player have won $5 from $10 gifted, he can withdraw 5, while 10 are returned to his account. Some sticky bonuses can be lifted after the first withdrawal, while others will burn after certain time. Anyway, all of them have the same property: you can bet them, but you can’t cash them out. The main problem of such bonuses is that the win back terms are pretty strict and, in so doing, you often have to risk your real money. This bonus type has giant quantity of pitfalls, so beginners have to use it with caution.

Experienced bonushunters don’t try to win the sticky bonus back, but via this bonus they try to make the mathematical expectation of winning bigger. To simplify, player has $100 deposit and he received a sticky bonus in size of $100. Sp he now owns $200 on his account, then he makes a single bet in a game with almost equal chances, i.e. red and black roulette. If he wins, he gets prize of $400 (100 are still sticky, while 300 are now his). In case the player didn’t use the bonus, his payoff would be only 200 (with the same chances). However, it’s not so easy to do it in real life, because the casino administration know about such type of trick and is inventing more and more subtler restrictions.

Occasional bonus

Some casinos are trying to please their users with occasional bonuses. Their primary goal is to attract players’ attention as well as encouraging them to play. In most cases such bonuses are monthly, weekly or even daily. Their existence is depends on the marketing strategy of the exact casino. Sometimes they can be given before the holiday.

Bonus for regular deposit

Sometimes there might be a bonus that focuses on the deposit. During certain time period, player can put money on his account and get reward. Its size is purely personal and specified in sale’s conditions.

Referral bonus

Indeed, it’s not a bonus and it can be found not in every casino. Player can get bonus, when he brings other people. Size of such bonus can be very different. In some cases it’s a certain sum, in others it depends on the deposit size of attracted person.

Some referral system offers a percent of money that player has lost. However, you can do both, get money from the casino or owe it…

Using referral system, you can get your bonus after a few conditions, i.e. attracted player has opened a gambling account, put some money on it - these are going to prove his seriousness.

Bonuses in Online Casinos. Their Types and Descriptions


Despite its popularity, cashback doesn’t seem to be enough common. It consists in compensation in case of losing. Size of such “bonus” depends on how much did you lose. It’s well-designed psychological trick to ensure that players’ mood won’t be down and they will be returning again and again. But usually it’s offered only to loyal customers.

Bonus for payment method

Modern casinos offer a variety deposit ways for client’s convenience. But players can get special bonus if they use certain payment system. Lots of casinos recommend their customers to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This option is beneficial for both. It’s much more secure and fast - besides, no one will be able to trace user.

Draw of prizes

Some online casinos used to awarding prizes between its players. But this bonus type is related with some difficulties. It is not very common, though it exists. Usually such events are held in the format of free lotteries or tournaments.

Beginners mistakes in obtaining bonuses

In most cases problems arise in violation of the rules. For this reason casino can even ban the player’s account. If you don’t want to deal with this situation, you have to follow a few experts’ rules:

  • Read carefully the conditions of bonus assessments as well as playing with them
  • While playing with bonuses, you mustn’t go beyond the ranges
  • Play with your bonuses only in those games, where it’s allowed
  • Don’t try to get the welcome bonus twice
  • You shouldn’t claim withdrawal before completing the wager requirements
  • You don’t have to apply for new bonus before getting the last. They often can be combined, though, casino can annul the first one

If you have any questions, it’s better to contact the customer service than to lose your money for breaking the rules. After all, bonus is a good start for beginners, because they give an opportunity to try playing in real casino.
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