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Jun 26, 2018
Be tolerant towards asic miners…

There’s no more time for small steps.

How you learned from the video below, Bitfury is creating small, efficient and heat resistant asics. This company is very young, comparing with other hardware producers, however, it’s already become an active topic of discussion.

To get such result company made something very uncommon and very unpredictable.

To show everyone quality of their product, they built a giant mining complex.

Bitfury mining complex

The today’s biggest mining farm with low electricity spent and with power of 20 MVt, which was created to prove that they are real competitors to industry giants such as bitmain or Innosilicon.

This complex is located in Georgia, where electricity costs much less than in average in the world. This makes it very efficient, however, farm is so efficient due to the quality of asics, that works with the temperature of only 30-35° celsius. It makes it almost unnecessary to use powerful cooling systems.

Bitfury Datacenter

Another interesting fact of this complex is that it was completed only in a month, while usually it took three months to build such. What is more, the price of the building process itself was the same it used to be.

Modern mining farm with high efficiency was built in such a short time with such good result.

All of these, absolutely unrelated to mining thing, were done to make yourself sure in innovation of Bitfury. On the other hand, this data center gives people a great investment chance as well as the new easy way to become a part of the cryptoworld.

What are Bitfury products?

As soon as you have realised innovations that Bitfury is going to give us, you’d probably like to know what are their asics and others.

In fact, they have only one chip, and it’s not a discrimination reason either.

Although there is only one chip, they can offer you three completely different products based on them.

In this post I’m going to compare them with competitors’ hardware, so if you know nothing about these, you may pay attention and spent a bit of your time here...

Bitfury - modern mining solution

Ok, now we’re ready to start. The first and the most important is Bitfury Clark. The smallest mining chip ever created. It works on SHA256, that makes it real to mine Bitcoin, its forks and some others not very common coins. What is more, well characteristics (chip can give up to 120 GH/s) can help you to mine way too more efficient than on other asics.

Bitfury Clark

Energy-efficiency and low costs, means quick payback, something that no other company promise you.

How you can see, mining on Bitfury is pretty interesting opportunity. But even more interesting chance can be found a mining farm. Heat resistance, high efficiency and small size, that were proven by the team in their datacenter, makes it one of the best solutions.

Bitfury Tardis

And, what is more, Bitfury has right hardware for you. It’s called Tardis, and it’s ready from the box mining farm. There are a variety of configurations, that way you’re able to choose the best for you. However, top characteristics, you should choose for top performance are:
  • Power up to 80 TH/s
  • With only 6.3 kW consumption
You can also buy a set, with ten or even hundred asics inside. And you will start mining as soon as you put your farm out and download the latest software update.

Tardis has a small led display and OrangePi, using which can help you to set some special configurations or begin monitoring.

Just notice, that there's no need to find quality and high performance hardware, download some software and assemble the farm itself. Everything is waiting inside the little box, it’s waiting to start making money.

Chill out!

Lots of mining farms work together. Although they show very well heat resistant, they still need powerful cooling system, which is the last Bitfury product.

Blockbox AC

Even more Bitfury asics inside one single block. It’s called BlockBox AC. And you can put anywhere you want to, it’s big only in comparison with other Bitfury products. In comparison with an average farm, it’s very small and doesn’t require lots of space.

It includes 176 chips with a powerful cooler system for each of them. In total, they deliver 13.7 PH/s power.

Portability is very important in modern world. But you can use this miner for creating a giant complex, ok.. not giant, but still big enough to make yourself financially independent. Sounds sweet, and it’s absolutely real, in case you live in country with low electricity cost and low prices on everything else as well.

Team, that was developing BlockBox, worked really hard so what they done consists of high efficiency, heat resistance and it doesn’t make lots of sound. You can simply put it in other room of your house and you won’t feel uncomfort.

Such low sound level is because of the good heat resistant system, which is patented “Immersion cooling system”. You can learn more about it in this video:

Software is our everything

If you had built a mining farm, had tried to set a single asic or even had been mining on your computer, then in most cases you were downloading special software that is aimed at making your hardware works better.

Most of such soft is made by unqualified developers and works on lots of chips at the same time. So it gives you some advantages, but there aren’t many of them.

On the other hand there’s Bitfury with its professional team and only three products, that way they can optimise soft.

Exonum Logo

I don’t want to take a lot of your time, so I’m only going to name Bitfury soft:
  • Exonum
  • Crystal
  • Peach

About much more what do they offer you can learn
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