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Nov 7, 2019
Summary information about Bitexa.

- Start date: August 14, 2019.

- Accept payment gateway: Bitcoin.

- Minimum investment: 0.003 BTC (~ 30 USD).

- Minimum withdrawal: 0.0008 BTC (~ 8 USD).

- Profit is paid daily at 14:00 GMT + 8 ie 13:00 Vietnam time

- Manual payment processing from Monday to Friday with a maximum waiting time of 72 hours.

- Commissions introduce 5 levels: 7% - 2% - 1% - 0.5% - 0.3%.

- Refund 3.5% of deposit for participating investors (Upline: Raidokuldjarv). Click on the "Request a refund" message and fill out your information and we will send it back to your wallet.

- Link to register for an account:

Note: Absolutely DO NOT create multiple accounts, because it is possible that the program will scan and lock the account of the entire system from the bottom if you detect fraud, invest with only one account. single paragraph. Please do not regret a few penny to lose all the money invested in your system.

Investment packages at Bitexa.
Bitexa only opens a single investment package with profit ranging from 0.5% to 1.5% daily and receives until it reaches 200%, the investment package will close with a minimum investment of 0.003 BTC or more.
You can track daily profits in the "Investments" section of your personal account

Instructions to register for a Bitexa account
Step 1: Access to the website

Step 2: Fill personal information into the form

+ E-mail: Personal email address.

+ Login: Username.

+ Password: Set a login password.

+ Re-type Password: Re-enter the login password.

+ Enter captcha code

+ Tick on the "I agree with ..." clause

+ Click "Sign Up" to complete the registration

Instructions to install wallet for Bitexa account
Step 1: Select "Settings" on the menu.

Step 2: Scroll down to the "Wallet settings" section and fill in the personal wallet address information.

Step 3: Click "Save" to complete.

Guide to invest in Bitexa
Step 1: Select "Invesments" on the menu and press "Invest" to continue.

Step 2:

+ Choose the right investment package.

+ Choose investment port.

+ Enter the amount of investment.

Step 3: Click "Invest" to go to the payment page.

Step 4: Make the payment of the correct amount according to the required wallet address, successful payment will go to the investment account and start running interest.

Instructions to withdraw money at Bitexa
Step 1: Select "My Finances" on the menu bar and press "Withdraw"

Step 2:

+ Enter the amount to withdraw.

+ Click "Withdraw" to complete the request.

After successful withdrawal request, please wait for the system to process with the maximum waiting time of 72 working hours.

Monthly sales bonus
In addition to the referral commissions and MLM program for partners, Bitexa also adds a monthly sales bonus to their partners when their sales in the first line (1st floor) reach sales according to The following milestones:

+ Sales of line 1 in the month reaches USD 1,500. Bonus 100 USD.

+ Sales of line 1 in the month reaches 6,000 USD. Bonus 600 USD.

+ Sales of line 1 in the month reaches 10,000 USD. Bonus 1,500 USD and get paid for office.

+ Sales of line 1 in the month reaches USD 25,000. Bonus 4,500 USD and get payment for office.

+ Sales of line 1 in the month reaches 65,000 USD. Bonus 7,000 USD and get paid for office.

* Official communication channel:

+ Facebook:

+ Telegram channel:

+ Telegram chat:

+ Email: [email protected]

Bitexa also had a seminar in my country’s capital city but as i didn’t know about this site then i couldn’t go there.
but they are planning to open a office in my city (TALLINN) then i will go and visit it for more information!


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