Bitcoin Price Analytics. Now as high as 4,000$



Jun 26, 2018
Bitcoin has finally reached 4,000 for coin, while the crypto industry capitalization is up to $140 billion.

Bitcoin Price Analytics. Now as high as 4,000$

The very beginning of 2019 has shown very good results in cryptocurrency selling on the market. Bitcoin has stopped the bear trend and get 4,000 in price. The tech analysis says that the BTC/USD pair price can become even bigger, up to 4,200 in the nearest time and for the first time in present year.

Most analytics say that bitcoin was on its bottom and nothing, but a very serious bull trend is waiting for us, and it will probably continue for long - year 2019 will be the year of recovery. Nevertheless, some experts are sure in that the bear behaviors isn't over yet, but will be such pretty soon - not a bad case either.

Cryptocurrency market has been showing nice results since the year, its capitalization has increased from $129 to $138 billion. However, a few bad events took place, one of them is the small market correction which was on Monday: how CoinMarketCap informs almost a billion dollars were lost. At the same time altcoins are becoming more and more serious players, but the bitcoin is still dominating and controls more than a half of the whole industry.

Tech map

How it was said Bitcoin holds position of 4,000 after he had completed the psychological level (mentioned in the previous analyze). The potential used to be less than 4,100 but at the time when I'm writing this post this the potential became much bigger and the price of the world's most important coin is 4,150.

Due to the technical indicators there is a high potential of another big leap after which price will become $50 bigger. 21-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) is higher than long-term 50-day SMA, what shows us clear bull domination at the very moment.

By the way, short market support was on the market at the price level of $4020 in addition to more powerful support zones, which are $4000 and $3900.

Bitcoin Price Analytics. Now as high as 4,000$

While bitcoin is very volatile, Ethereum has increased in price up to $165 in the Sunday evening, but it couldn't stay there for long and felt to $159 with 2% of growth per day.

Bitcoin Price Analytics. Now as high as 4,000$

Cedric James

Dec 19, 2018
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