Bitcoin Mining Game l Claim Free Bitcoin by febbit



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Jan 5, 2019

Bitcoin mining made fun! Bitcoin mining game that rewards you with REAL Bitcoin!

Real Bitcoin Rewards
When a block gets mined, you can collect rewards of Bitcoin and Febbit. You can redeem your Bitcoin on your profile page when you are above the minimum threshhold.

Mine Febbit And Bitcoin For Free
Use your miner to mine Hashes that get converted into Bitcoin and Febbit.

Upgrade your miner and chips so they can give you bigger bonuses to mining

Open caches to get chips. Aim for the best quality chip.

Missions - Coming Soon
Complete daily missions to get great rewards.

Extend the life of your battery so you can mine for longer when offline.

Mine faster when actively playing, so you can earn more.

Blocks are mined collaboratively with all other players. Once a block is mined, everyone gets rewards of Febbit and Bitcoin

Referrals - Coming Soon
Refer your friends and you get rewards as long as they play.

Stay tuned for frequent updates coming to the game.

Play anywhere any time. We are optimized for phone and tablet.

Getting Started
Tired of tedious Bitcoin mining? Febbit allows you to earn Bitcoin just by playing a game! Using real bitcoin as in-game currency; upgrade chips, complete missions, and get paid!

You can start playing by clicking the "Collect & Refill" button on the Miner page. This will start mining. You can see how much time there is left to mine at the bottom labeled "Battery"

Every time you level up you will receive a Cache that once opened will contain a Chip. Chips are used to imporove your Miner so you can mine faster and more efficiently. You can see all the chips you have unlocked in the Inventory page. You can click on each individual chip to Equip them, Upgrade, or Sell. A chip will not work until equipped.
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Cedric James

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Dec 19, 2018
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