Bitcoin is getting popular in the society



Jun 26, 2018
Students from Iran who are getting higher education in Britain have found cryptocurrencies as a way of bypassing bank system, unavailable for iran people due to the US sanctions.

Bitcoin is getting popular in the society

Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin living in the world's financial crisis, the main reason of this was that he wanted people to have full control over their personal finances and to, as sequence, make common citizens safe from the government control. The modern society however, has its own ideas on what the cryptocurrencies should be used for, and now they are used as a speculative instrument by the absolutely most of the people.

Nowadays political situation might become a cause of bitcoin started to be used as a powerful financial instrument. This way, students from Iran that are now getting higher education in Britain have been thinking of cryptocurrencies as a good opportunity of payment system instead of banks.

In case you haven't heard about it, SWIFT - international system of bank payments, being under the threats of american government, have signed Iran off the financial sphere in the November of recent year.

Students now use bitcoin as a payment method to pay for learning courses as well as their everyday life.

How the Iranian mass media Iranwire says: “Iran citizens living in Britain are now able to use bitcoin to change it into pound sterling.”

For example, in the Cambridge university there are some problems with people from “the exact foreign countries”, these problems are of financial character, but they can be easily solved using bitcoin.

What is more, in some high education institutes (i.e. Reading University) students are recommended to go to the Iran, exchange their money there and return in England paying for the education. Such option is also a good way to solve the problem of bank's lack, but it might cause even bigger problems, crossing the border with big amount of money in pocket.

This is why cryptocurrencies are really magic problem solver for lots of people, taking today's political situation in count. But it can be found such a beneficial instrument by common people and even the whole countries that are under economic sanctions these days.

For another example, Venezuela has already chosen the “cryptocurrency path” as a counter-arguments against international sanctions of other countries, they have created their own cryptocurrency called Petro which is supported by the petroleum sales.
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