Bitcoin based Stock Exchange that is going to make Cryptocurrency Prices Rise



Jun 26, 2018
During the last few days there was a number of very positive news that has already affected the crypto industry a bit, but are going to change how everything goes very soon.

To begin with, Robert Jackson, one of SEC commissars, has said that he is sure in that someone will create a platform that suits all their requirements.

Despite all the problems crypto industry has been facing including all the postpones of crypto based stock exchanges (Bitcoin-ETF and Bakkt), one of the most influential commissars from the democratic party is sure in the positive decision that will soon be done about these platforms. This what EWN agency informs.

Bitcoin based Stock Exchange that is going to make Cryptocurrency Prices Rise

According to the American regular spokesman, SEC is still pretty unsure about what ETF will become and what it can do, but someday there will be a platform that suits all what required and preferred by US laws and security standards.

Jackson mentioned the fact that he has no right to talk about the requests that are in the agency at the moment, but all that were before couldn't make the SEC commissars sure in that ETF initiatives and plans can help the crypto industry to get rid of manipulations.

He has also talked about the previous year applications that were denied. By Robert words commission was very concerned about the high risks of market manipulations based on such unstable assets as cryptocurrencies. At the same time they were very displeased with the liquidity of these instruments. This is why all the bits so far were denied.

The most important however is what he said about the industry development. He mentioned that commission is really pleased with the progress that players of the industry do: they've been coming with new ideas and solutions - and this what makes all us sure in the soon positive decision about the stock exchange as well as the industry legal status in general.

Another people who are extremely important for the industry at the moment are institutional investors. And how JPMorgan analytic has said: the last events in the industry including the price falling down has made investors to change their minds.

Head strategy developer of the world's biggest investment bank JPMorgan in the interview to CNBC has shared lots of his personal thoughts and views, he has mentioned that the decrease of the volatility institutional investors will become more confident in the industry and perspectives of the technology.

Another important factor why bitcoin has been going down is that at the moment industry is simply struggled for regulations, lack of such causes big problems. This situation, however, might change in the next few years.

According to their words stability that is being founded in the cryptocurrencies has already affected the minds of many institutional investors so they are very interested in the industry now, the industry which has already went through the stages of bubble and boom.
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