Best Time for HYIP Investing: Everything you Wanted to Know



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Jun 18, 2018
The success or failure of your investment depends not only on project's reliability and profitability, but also on the time of depositing. Moreover, time can play even more decisive role than the project itself. We've done a pretty good job of considering all the most important aspects of investing associated with the time category.

What Determines Life Span of HYIP

The HYIP life term often depends directly on its tariff plans and launch date. In general, however, the HYIP industry can provide different variations in the project life: much depends on the admin himself and his degree of preparation. It’s obvious that the Fast’s life term is much shorter than that of a mid-interest HYIP. The higher the interest — the more difficult it is to keep the load and the faster a client gets profits, but the faster the admin closes the project.

Best Time for HYIP Investing: Everything you Wanted to Know

In terms of the optimal life term of the project, fasts tend to live from a few days to several weeks. A month for a fast is already an exception. However, for mid-and low-interest HYIPs, a month is the minimum work term. For more details of lifetime of different types of HYIPs and related investment recommendations, see the article “What Determines Life Span of HYIP” on our blog.

When Enter and Live HYIP

Every HYIP is moving through the same development phases, a HYIP life cycle. In order to invest with minimal risk, а potential investor should recognize what is the current stage of the life cycle. The stage of HYIP life cycle mostly determines whether a depositor would receive a promised profit or not. The HYIP program, as well as many other projects, goes through several different stages:

Start-up — a HYIP admin loses money because he does not have any revenue yet. The money is spent on registering the company, purchasing a domain name, creating a site, installing the security system on the site and other needs.

Growth phase — it is, in fact, the true beginning of the HYIP program. At this stage, there appear the first investors, and they can also recommend the HYIP to others.

Stabilization phase — during this phase, there is a steady inflow of investors into the program, and the HYIP gets profits. Investors also regularly get their interest.

Saturation phase —the flow of investors is falling, as the HYIP has exhausted much of its resources.

Decline phase — this is the final stage of the HYIP life cycle. For more details on development phase of a HYIP, their key features and related recommendations read the following post on our blog.

Impact of Yield Level on HYIP Lifetime

The lifetime of each HYIP depends on many circumstances. However, it is safe to say that the operating term of projects with different level of yield is a constant value.

  • HYIPs with a yield of about 2% — the lifetime is 90-days;
  • the plan with a yield of about 1% — the lifetime is 100-110 days;
  • the plan with a yield of about 3% is to operate during 40-45 days.

There are always exceptions to the rule. There are live examples of projects that have been able to work for much longer time, but this is the exception to the rule. We present only average figures.

For gaining profit from online investing you should carefully choose the time of entry and exit from a HYIP. To learn more on the dependence of the HYIP work period on their earning power, please read the article on our blog.

Does the Seasonality Affect HYIPs?

A series of ups and downs of work activity — it’s all about the HYIP industry in which success depends precisely on seasonal changes. In the case of HYIPs changes occur monthly.

Best Time for HYIP Investing: Everything you Wanted to Know

It is believed that the intensive flow of funds into the HYIP industry and the emergence of reliable HYIPs occur between mid-September and mid-December and the end of February and mid-May. There is indeed a regularity. But how much does the HYIP industry depend on it?

To find out more about the season's impact on investment processes please read the articles ‘Does the Seasonality Affect HYIPs?’ and ‘Investment Calendar: Tips to Play HYIP Market Trends’.

Investing During Summer Month

Summer in the HYIP industry is believed to be a season of decline in investment activity. And this general opinion is far from being groundless. First of all, you need to understand that all of us, both investors and administrators, are ordinary people and in the summer we want to relax, travel or just do nothing and enjoy this wonderful time of the year! The investors’ activity in the summer periods is clearly declining, and this is a fact. But does this mean that it is not worth investing in HYIPs in summer? The answer to this question and useful tips for investing in summer time are contained in the following post.

Pre-New Year Investment

It is well known that the pre-Christmas time is the low season for both investors and for administrators launching the project. On the contrary, this time is good time for those administrators who are finishing the game. Now all investors try to withdraw all funds onto e-wallets and calmly wait out the holidays, and administrators try to close up the site on the maximum inflow, without waiting for investors to start withdrawing on a massive scale.

But to what point, particular date of the year should we consider the game to be relatively safe (ie, within the usual risk)? Up to 20th December, to 15th December, and may be, until 1st December or even earlier? This issue is of concern of both hypers and administrators. How to find the best time to quit? To learn more about pre-Christmas time investing read the article in our blog.
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