Best ICO project to invest in to get up to 2000% revenues



Jun 26, 2018
As a person involved in crypto industry you may often find yourself in a situation where it is hard to choose the best ICO as well as IEO projects that will give incredible incomes. Simply because cryptocurrencies had been down for a while and are back in black these days, you should consider investing in coins a good opportunity for nearest time. These are the best projects you can still invest in during the following week:

Blockchain based library that will make it easy and safe to share content with other people. Unlike torrent, on you can find either free or paid and legal online products, so in future this platform is going to become a full marketplace with other services integrated in it.

All files are being stored in hybrid-decentralized network - the same file can be found on a few computers in different parts of the world, so you can download any file with the highest speed.

Minimum size of investment is $100, US dollar and all main cryptocurrencies are accepted as a way og payment.


Project with a very original idea - a navigation app that use built-in phone vibrator in order to tell you where to turn. Quite perspective technology. What is more, service offers free worldwide offline maps with audio tour guides from famous people living in this city.

Best ICO project to invest in to get up to 2000% revenues

Team that us working on the app, has even more plans and features to be implemented in the nearest future. So it would be a good idea for you to watch after the project as well as investing in it.

Invest having as much as $30 and get high revenue in the nearest future.

Dream Real

Social network based on blockchain - a very popular technology of the last time, this one however, is very different from alternatives. Instead of sharing how their lives go like Facebook users do, this platform offer you to dream and with the help of other people involved into this social media one of your dreams may come true.

Social network of new generation will have built in crypto coin that enable users to do transactions buying products or sponsoring dreams. A brave concept that requires brave investments, however the investment minimum is just 0.1 ETH, so don't miss your chance as well as the dream.
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