Attention Detail When Working With Stellite Alloy



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Nov 27, 2018
Attention Detail When Working With Band Saw Blade.
In the current mechanical production, the product update speed is accelerated, so the requirements for product parts have been improved. There are still many places to pay attention to when using it. In order to ensure the normal and safe use of everyone, then bring everyone today. Take a look at the details of the stellite alloy band saw blade that require special attention.
1. When working with the band saw blade, if the sound and vibration are abnormal, the cutting is rough, or the odor is generated, the operation should be terminated immediately, and the fault should be checked in time to eliminate the accident to avoid accidents.
2. When working, the workpiece should be fixed, the profile positioning should conform to the direction of the knife, so as to avoid abnormal cutting, do not apply side pressure or curve cutting, the feed should be smooth, avoid the blade impact contact with the workpiece, resulting in damage to the stellite alloy saw blade. Or the workpiece flies out and an accident occurs.
3. If cutting aluminum alloy or other metals, use a special cooling lubricant to prevent the saw blade from overheating, causing paste, and other damage, which affects the quality of the cut.
4. The equipment flute and slag suction device ensure smooth flow to prevent slag from forming into blocks, which affects production and safety.
5. When cutting a thousand times, please do not cut continuously for a long time, so as not to affect the service life and cutting effect of the stellite alloy saw blade; wet film cutting should be cut with water to prevent leakage.
6. The gap of the upper guide block is not suitable, and the back of the saw is over-stressed, so that the tension at the root of the saw tooth is too large to cause cracks and lead to the broken belt.
7. When starting cutting and stopping cutting, do not feed the knife too fast to avoid broken teeth and damage.
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