Are People who got rich on Crypto Crazy?



Jun 26, 2018
You've probably heard a lot of different opinions about crypto. And everyone has a unique view of the industry. Some people believe that in the nearest future cryptocurrencies are going to become an alternative to common money we all used to. Others argue that crypto has no perspectives because it is no more than a giant scam.

It is very hard to find people who have proper view of the technology and try to create your own. But this is what we are going to do in the thread.

To begin with, the most spread idea is that crypto is created by thieves to rob you and for thieves who use it to rob other people. How crypto enthusiasts believe (not all of them became rich buying crypto ten years ago, so they half semi-proper opinion) the biggest thief that robs all the people is government.

It has an ultimate right for aggression, today's authorities and anyone who works for them can do whatever they want to you without being punished. For example, police can easily shoot a person who did nothing bad.

Another problem of government, in crypto anarchists opinion, is that it is a very unstable and inefficient institute. All what they do can be easily done by private companies, which runs more efficient due to the fact that competitiveness make them produce better products for lower prices. While free market creates companies that give people an opportunity to earn money, government loses money that very stolen by common people.

Maybe, there are some good ideas among those offered by anarchists. And cryptocurrencies development will make it real to create countries that have minimized control over their people.

Another popular opinion is a belief of crypto costs a million dollars. For the majority of people it sounds insane, but some are really keen on this idea. Most of these people became rich speculating on cryptocurrencies price, others aren't very intelligent as well but haven't made a fortune.

One of these men is Tom Li has prediction Bitcoin reaching the brand new high in the end of 2019. Founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors and a man famous for his optimistic view of crypto industry future. He has made another statement after bitcoin started going up, however, he promised not to talk about the market.

Analytic emphasize that stock market is very connected to the crypto industry these days, that's why the rally shares have been going through affect prices of cryptocurrencies. Tom Li is sure in that the end of this year is going to become the best time of bitcoin in history, its price will become as high as it has never been, so SEC will be able to do nothing but approve all the requests about Bitcoin-ETF that are there on the moment. This will make crypto even more popular, because institutional investors get an instrument to buy crypto.

This time, however, Tim described another potential way of the industry development which is absolutely opposite. Just to mention, before Tim predicted bitcoin costs 22,000 in the end of the year.
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