Are new NVidia cards going to replace ASIC-miners in the near future



Jun 26, 2018
How NVidia changes the industry?

Since NVidia has announced the release of their new video cards (RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080Ti), they became a popular theme of discussions.

Although cards have incredible characteristics, ray tracing technology and supersampling, they didn’t show themselves very well in real tests. What is more, price on them is a few hundred dollars more than on cards of the generation that was before. So if you use graphic cards for playing games (by the way, they were designed for it) you can find hardware that will be way to better and cheaper at the same time. But if you are a miner this release is going to be a great chance for you to mine like never before.

Are new NVidia cards going to replace ASIC-miners in the near future

What do we already know?

According to preliminary info, the top modification of RTX 2080 Ti is going to be six times more powerful comparing with cards that were before. At the same time, overclocked RTX 2070 can give up to 85 MH/s, while one of the most popular cards for mining RX Vega 56 Block Chain Drv can give you only 36,5 MH/s.

Hard for you to understand all of these words, not a problem! You can find all the important information about mining in this forum section.

Let's compare with competitors

Numbers are great, but they give you nothing if you don’t look at the competitors ones. To understand the quality of this card notice what ASIC miners can offer you nowadays. Hardware from Bitmain company for Ethereum mining speeds up to 190 MH/s with price on them a bit less than $1300. At the same time, RTX 2080 Ti worth $1200 and its smaller brother RTX 2080 worth only $800.


You can now open your champagne, because after a few years of incredible fast growing prices on graphic cards, the market returns to what it used to be before cryptocurrencies get popularity. After all it’s fair enough to say that new NVidia hardware is some sort of “technical masterpiece” for mining. To begin with, they have brand new level of GPU-mining hash rate, and the second, after using them for a while, you will still be able to resell them to PC gamers. Those who mine on ASICs can only dream about this.

It seems like big changes in mining is going to happen quite soon, what is your opinion about this?
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