Not Paying Announcement: Voomo (smart contract project) Legit or Scam?



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Nov 26, 2018
Hi I would like to announce one decentralised matrix project (could not find Ann. prefix)

If you you are familiar with Forsage project you will be glad to hear about this one because it is cheaper to get involved.
I personally prefer cheaper matrix projects it does not matter are they decentralised or not.

Launch is planned on 15th June at and entry is 0.1 ETH

More about project:

Text version about Voomo:
-> this is an email which I received from my dear collegue you can use it to cnatact your email list if you have one as well.

This program is an advanced Forsage and it's going to rock and roar more than Forsage.

Join global team if you are interested in making a lot of ETH from an investment of 0.1ETH
This program is like Forsage but with an additional packages which are Automatic X3 and automatic X4.
The most Innovative Smart Contract

You just need 0.1 ETH to get started

There has 4 SYSTEMS integrated into one Smart Contract.

When you register the system automatically place you into our 4 systems.
Let's see how this 0.1 ETH is divided into our 4 system

0.025 ETH

0.025 ETH

0.025 ETH

0.025 ETH


The System will keep your (0.05 ETH ) fee for X3 AUTO AND X4 AUTO until you invite 1 referral under your personal structure.
After that the system will automatically place you in the global X3 AND X4 AUTOMATIC STRUCTURES

X3 Manual X4 Manual

X3 Automatic X4 Automatic
You gain access to this system only when you invite 1 Referral under your structure
The X3 and X4 Automatic systems are for who like to grow totally Automatic.
This Matrix will work under one main global line + with auto upgrades you will not need to worry about anything else than promoting.

Please note that there is no guarantee in any of these online projects(HYIP, MInning, PTC GPT, matrix etc.) nothing is 100% sure.

However, if you are interested in such a project like this one it is better to be among first.
That is why agree that if you get link before I send go ahead register and promote.

Please take my advice and prepare a little bit more than 0.1 ETH on your Metamask balance (yes, you have to have metamask or trust wallet) prepare at least 0.13ETH available because when link is out all those transactions will "suffocate" ETH Network and your transaction with lower gas fee will not be priority.
--> it happened to me once, and my transaction went trough after 6 or 7 days LOL but BIG LOL and I missed all my earnings

If you are interested but you have never used metamask:
  1. Downlad it at their official website
  2. install it on your chrome or smartphone
  3. please do not save your key words on your laptop instead write it down on pape
  1. When you click REGISTER on website you have to have opened Metamask wallet and funds on it (I recomment around 0.13ETH)
  2. Automatically site will communicate with your wallet in pop up window click connect and pay
  3. that is it :) wait for few minutes and you are ready to promote

You have to acces to website via same browser on which you have installed your metamask or from smartphone(have mematask already opened)

I am not allowed at the moment to share with anyone telegram group nor FB group however if you have any questions now is a right time to ask and I will be more than happy to answer them all. Will share with beermoney forum all links when I get them, :)

Hope I have choose the right sub forum to post this thread, if I have not, please do not delete it just move it under right sub-forum

FInal thoughts:

Decentralised projects tend not to be scam in a meaning that admin CAN NOT take your money and run away everything is done trough smart contract (beaut of blockchain technology) . However like one member already said in one thread it is not a scam but it is not fully legit something like in grey zone. Be responsible and decide for yourself are you going to risk a little bit take more and can you, if something happens lose around 25-30$.

I personally am willing to take a risk and see what happens.

At the end, here is how dashboard is going to look like:


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Nov 26, 2018
Today (15 June 2020) at 16:00 PM UTC+0 is a launch ho is interested can inbox me to get link faster :)

No Level Expiration
Recurring Model With Innovative Renew System
4 System Combined into one
2 of the System are Fully Automatic for create your Passive Income with 1 Referral Requirement for Join
2 of the System are for Create Your Strucuture and Receive Instantly Earnings
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