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Aug 22, 2018

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ZooomEx- a new cryptocurrency exchange! Exchange with the lowest trading fee of all represented on the market! Our task is to make trading operations accessible to everyone! We do not strive to earn on clients, we create a convenient platform on which it will be comfortable to trade to everyone! Until September, trade commissions - 0%! Further, it will be increased so low that you will not even notice it! We are the first to take this step! You won't find anything like this on the market!

Crypto Exchange ZooomEx made for the benefit of users! All members of our team are active traders, and we know all the nuances, pros and cons of the rest of the crypto-exchange, so we made our product for you and for us. It is suitable for both ordinary traders and professionals, both for users with a small capital, and for institutional ones. We started to change the cryptocurrency trading industry! We invite you to follow our example!

On our exchange you will have the opportunity to win valuable prizes, with a minimum of effort, we will develop many new things with good prize funds! We present our first tournament! Tournament for active bidders!
The pair for trade, which will be held the tournament will be determined by the community or developers and published a few days before the start of registration for the tournament.
You will need to pre-register for the weekly tournament in the appropriate section.

Terms of participation in the tournament:

You need to hold on your account on the ZOOOMEX exchange ZXE tokens in a pre-announced amount for several days before the start of the tournament
You need to apply for participation in the appropriate section.

Example of scoring points:

BTC / USDT pair

User 1: on the balance of $ 100, as a result of exchange transactions by the end of the tournament on his account was $ 110, profit - 10%
User 2: on the balance of $ 10,000, as a result of exchange transactions by the end of the tournament on his account was $ 10,500, profit - 5%
User 3: on the balance of $ 1,000, as a result of exchange transactions, by the end of the tournament, on his account was $ 1,350, profit - 35%

Winner - User 3.
Thus, the participants profit will be calculated automatically and prize places will be distributed!

1. Registration of those wishing to participate, if the conditions are met, is held every weekend in the appropriate section
2. Start of accounting trades (Monday)
3. Completion of accounting trades (Friday)
4. Distribution of prizes

What kind of prizes will await the participants of the tournament will depend on the chosen pair for bidding before it starts. It can be BTC, ETH, ZXE tokens and others.

The distribution of the prize fund (may vary):
1 Place - 60%
2 Place - 25%
3 Place - 15%

Accounting trades:
Bidding registered users to the tournament will be counted in the period of tournament.
The average percentage of profit / loss of all transactions for the entire period is taken into account.
Unclosed transactions at the time of counting will be counted at the latest price.

Remuneration Fund:
1. Fixed
2. Dynamic from the collected fees for transactions of participants

Private sales:
24 June 2019 - 01 July 2019.
Bounty: 27 June 2019 - 12 August 2019.
IEO: 05 August 2019 - 12 August 2019 or when all tokens are sold.

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