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Jun 28, 2019
My overview on Altfutures!

Hello all, i am Scofield - an investor just like many of you that invest in the online world which i believe has exceeded almost any endeavour in the current world of increasing ones wealth.
Today id like to talk about a site known as is a site that dates back more than 100 working days to date with smooth withdrawals and deposits with no glitches/ hinderances to date and i am a testimonial to that. To be exact it started on March 9th, 2019.
The website itself started off as a Partisan structure but slowly there have been changes as will be elaborated below - with a more fluid uptodate design of the website. deals with crytocurrency trading with Grand Capital Forex broker and Binance cryptocurrency exchange - hence both Crypto and Forex.
In the online world, most of us are used to the usual hyip type ponzi returns; however; altfutures offers an interesting quite sustainable array of 'non' hyip based returns; and need i add, that these are floating rates subjective to the market conditions. I say this due to the plans as are discussed below:
1) The first plan is 0.5% on working days (Mon - Fri) for 50 days. deposit range being 10$-100$
2) 1% on working days (Mon - Fri) for 100 days. Deposit range 100$-10,000$
3) 150% after 60 days. Deposit range 1000$-10,000$
4) 200% after 90days. Deposit range 1000$-10,000$

At the end of the term, the initial deposits are withdrawable. And in the 3rd and 4th plans are an after plan hence profits+deposit would be available for withdrawal after the deposit terms are over.
The withdrawals are not instant - rather manual over a period of 24-48 hours. withdrawals are not processed on the weekends. They are much quicker on the weekdays, may happen in a few hours or so.
i will reiterate here that the first two plans have 'floating rates' - they are subjective to the market conditions. So the percentages vary. They may go below the stated rates; for instance in the current stats ie the last week of June 2019, we are at 0.3% and 0.6%. And likewise this may go more than the stated percentages based on market conditions.
The admin informs us on a weekly basis just at the start of the week on that weeks market probabilites and the rates are set based on that.
Of note, any number of deposits may be made and into any of the plans.

Here i will mention that there is a compensation plan which is termless. This is temporary and may cease after a while; but which currently pays at again a non-hyip amount of 0.1% termless. Here there is no deposit back after term.
The withdrawals are restricted to 15$ and only two withdrawals per week. There is no fees for withdrawals. Such high rates on withdrawals is clearly to prevent small withdrawals and to keep the system more fluid and sustainable. This initially was set at 10$ but stepped up due to changes in the Binance as the fees there were escalated recently for withdrawals, and this can be verified in the binance fee structure.

The deposit methods are via Bitcoin and Perfect Money so far. but as Crypto is the major for the trading part. PM has to be converted to Bitcoin after deposit into Binance and during the withdrawal the same which costs exorbitant fees. Hence one could deposit via PM but there are some deductions that will be carried out which is why Bitcoin is the preferred mode of deposit and withdrawal.
There is also 1) an internal Currency exchanger - to convert from PM to Bitcoin for withdrawal. This is for the very few who deposited via PM and probably may be phased out with time leaving it only at BTC. i will add here that the exchanger does not involve any fees so the conversion is immediate and gives you the same amount in BTC.
2) since the withdrawals are limited to twice per week only, the admin added an Internal Transfer so if an investors withdrawal limits are up, this can be sent via internal transfer to a friend or so and then can be withdrawn or dealt with accordingly.

There is also a compounding feature which can be set to any range. As is obvious if one wishes to reinvest eg 25% of his earnings and continue to accumulate the accruals to his account balance he may do so. And in addition the deposits after the end of term ie principal investment may be withdrawn after the end of the contract/ term or reinvested as be the wish. Premature termination is also allowed for which there is a fee of around 10% but one may only terminate 20 days after the initial deposit. Ofcourse after the term is over there is no deduction to the withdrawal ie no withdrawal fees.

Altfutures has no monitors attached to it; however this may happen gradually and with time. The addition of monitors does not qualify the site to be that of a hyip but hopefully wherein investors would be able to invest with a peace of mind and not having to worry about being scammed the next day/ over time.

The admin is Jamie, a very straightforward and very communicating and engaging. Any questions/ queries/ doubts can be directly PMd to him or inquired on the group and he will definitely respond to it.
the group link of which is

My personal views:
As with all online ventures, precautions should be taken and my outlook of the above should not be a form of financial guidance to anyone; just an overview to what i feel is a non-hyped solid platform.
I trust the admin and hope that altfutures will be around for a long long time.

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Jun 28, 2019
to correct the above. minimal withdrawal is 15$ (not restricted to 15$).

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