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Jun 3, 2018
Do you want to earn some free tokens? Maybe you already know about AirDrops - a way of receiving them. Today I presented you a fresh and free platform which collect many offers. You can read below how to both register in Tokendrops and use it. I will be publishing fresh offers in the comments below and be talking about my own profit. There are many different AirDrops.

Step 1: Registration on the Tokendrops
Press Sign up in the in the top corner of the site;

Then you need fill email address, password or log in using social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google.

Advice: if you haven’t some accounts in the any of this social networks, then you need register now.

Step 2: Edit Account
  • Press My Account;
  • Add Ether wallet;
I recommend creating a new address in the MetaMask named Tokendrops.

  • Fill Social Media fields.
Step 2: Take Part as Fast as Possible
Go to Ongoing Airdrops — Choose first offer — in the Complete Tasks section make the required (you also may read info about ICO here) — for example, click a button Telegram Follow. Then you will be redirected to the app where you need to click Join now — on the Tokendrops a plate with the inscription Confirmed appears.

Now you can see this AirDrop in the My Account section. Your Pending Balance will increase after each completed task. If you are here for the first time, set the Sort By End Date. Next time, Sort By Date.
AirDrops from Tokendrops: Many Offers - Big Profit
For example, for 4 completed tasks and 2-5 minutes spent time.

Good Points
  • The referrer receives a reward from each airdrop, in which his referral participates.
  • A large number of projects.
Bad Points
  • Users cannot filter tasks by a completed marker. So, they can go to the task and see that it has already been completed. It is not comfortable.
  • The TokeDrops does not control the accuracy of the task. It is marked as complete if the user simply navigates by a link to subscribe for example to a Twitter account or a Telegram channel. In this case, the creators of the Airdrop will not transfer coins to the bounty hunter.
A convenient platform for getting acquainted with earning money on airdrops. Here bounty hunters effortlessly earn the first coins, which they can sell in 1-2 months. They also can understand a little the ICO industry, to get information about interesting and promising projects.
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