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Jun 26, 2018
What’s up investor?

Today I’d like to tell and then discuss with you one very interesting upcoming ICO. It’s called AgentMile and it’s going to affect one of the most popular types of businesses in the world - the estate.

A small revolution in big industry

Agentmile - perspective investing in Real Estate

Real estate means giant money, trillions of dollars are here, however, how estate brokers work haven’t changed for decades. Their workflow, tools and in some cases, even schedules haven’t been affected by the market changes.

So it’s time now to bring new efficient instruments to make estate business great again. It’s about all the people there: landlords, real estate agents and tenants.

How it's works for property owners

Congratulation! You now have access to CML, where you can put advertising of your apartment. It is used by thousands of realtors, so you’re now able to choose. No need to go somewhere or do some paperwork, everything is simple and clear.

What is more, you can use helpful instruments such as:
  • AR/VR Walkthrough of your apartment
  • Web constructor of landing for your apartment
  • Ratings. Everyone is keen about it nowadays
It works such way, on AgentMile platform there are digital personalities of both, you and your flat. To simplify, it can be compared with your credit rating in your bank: the better you work - higher it is - more opportunities you have.

For your apartment it works a bit different - renter can see virtual ID of it, what consists of full history about all the previous owners, land survey and repairing history.

Agentmile - perspective investing in Real Estate

For real estate brokers

As one of them you have access to Agentmile platform where you can find the best apartments to rent out. There are thousands of them, so you can be sure you will find the most suitable option for you.

For each apartment there’s its virtual ID (information about which you can find below) as well as for every person, including yourself. Like anywhere else now, your status and sequently what can you do is depends on your rating.

One should treat others as good * as other’s rating is.

* in old version
one would like others to treat oneself
Systems wants you to behave well, on the other hand, it gives you full statistic and professional tools, so there’s no need to worry about calculating and reports.

Another great tool is so called Agentdrive. If you aren’t realtor, but you do owns an estate agency, you can use Agentdrive to simplify the work of it.

For tenant

It may sound obvious, however lack of paperwork is probably going to make estate broker become aimed at his clients. So in some point of view, you also got some benefits.

But everything depends on a single person, so you should always check his rating.

For investors

It’s not going to make a big revolution, but in fact, it is still very well investing chance. A company with giant experience and a few already available for use products - what else do you need to be sure? Write your own list in comments!

And here you can find out other interesting things about the projects, there are really a lot of them.
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