5 Ways to Become a Millionaire Without Leaving Work



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Jun 15, 2018
A monthly salary is the best start on the road to financial stability. They say that you cannot get rich, working "for someone else's uncle." But full of risk and adventurous life of an entrepreneur is the right way to millions. But what if it is more convenient and comfortable for you to work under the boss who will pay for health insurance?

According to research, if you go to do business, you will have to earn 35% more than your current salary. But for those who have a family, leaving the familiar place in the company is a risk, even if in the future such a step can justify itself. If you plan on becoming a millionaire without giving up quiet work for someone else, here are some suitable ways.


Become a Partner
Partnerships are not only common in law firms. Take a closer look at a small business or startup where you can one day become a business partner. Although many entrepreneurs prefer to form a partnership or sole proprietorship from the very beginning, the founder of a small business can definitely change his views in the process of company growth.

Take Stock Options

The possibility of buying stocks is usually discussed at the interview. Find a company offering stock options, even if the salary is a little lower here. This is a very popular scheme in the startup world of Silicon Valley. Before signing a contract, talented candidates want to know how long it takes to become shareholders.

But it is also important to understand the harsh reality: stock options rarely turn into mountains of gold. Consider buying a company's stock as an investment along with investing in the stock or real estate markets.

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