5 Strategies Those Turn Bankrupts into Billionaires



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Jun 15, 2018
Most people think that there is a whole gulf from bankruptcy to wealth, and it is impossible to overcome it. Nevertheless, there are examples that prove the opposite. Many people, including Roman Abramovich, Francois Pinault, Howard Schultz, Oprah Winfrey, Shahid Khan, Do Won Chang, Ralph Lauren, John Paul Dejoria, Larry Ellison and Mohed Altrad, were left penniless one day. But they all later became billionaires. How did they do it? The most important thing is that they have mastered the skills that we recommend you to learn:


  • Leverage an abundance mentality and laser-focus your mindset
  • Become an expert at business networking
  • Overcome the often-stifling fear of failure
  • Effectively manage your time
  • Create long-term goals and take daily action towards them
  • Never give up no matter how tough things might be
  • Focus the power of your thoughts on the positive over the negative
  • Never look for shortcuts or try to cut corners
  • Understand the underlying principles of sales and marketing
  • Become a fervent brand-builder
In addition, billionaires use one of the following strategies:


Manoj Bhargava, the creator of 5-Hour Energy Drink, has developed his business from a startup to a successful corporation with $ 1 billion from the sales.

John Paul Dejoria, who was not only once broke, but also homeless and living in his car with his son, also did the unimaginable. He created salon-quality products and went door to door to sell them. He focused on quality and he took action every single day. At the age of 36, with a $700 loan and while living in a car with his son, he grew Paul Mitchell Systems into a behemoth, becoming one of the world’s richest persons in the process.

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