Finished 40,000 Icon Classic Tokens - Phase 1 Airdrop profit more than $8 - Now



Jun 26, 2018
What is the Icon Classic Goal?
You could hear lots of news and stories about leaks. It includes rare leaks of government documents and secret plans of military operations (for example, famous website called “wikileaks”, which founder can’t leave the ecuador embassy already for 8 years), as well as regular leaks of celebrity photos or information about their private life and, of course, almost everyday leaks of the data bases.
I bet you received spam on your email or your phone at least once. How scammers found it, if you have never show you data in unverified places? Now you know that.
If you, like any other person, want your data to be secure and untouchable, use blockchain. Everyone knows, that there isn’t such computer power to hack this type of database.
There aren’t many cloud platforms that can offer you this, but Icon classic do.
This service can also help you to provide safety data storage for your website or any other database.

40,000 Icon Classic Tokens - Phase 1 Airdrop profit more than $8 - Now

What do you have to do in general?
Visit the Icon Classic official website => Register and verify your account => Do a few easy tasks => Complete special form => Ta-Dah.

What are these easy tasks?
  • Telegram
    • Write to the bot
    • Join the channel
  • Twitter
    • Retweet the post
    • Tag at least 5 friend
  • Other required accounts
    • E-Mail
The form, that you have to complete, includes:
  1. Links to your account
  2. Email and username
  3. ERC20 wallet address
Also this Airdrop has a referral system that can help you to make your profit even bigger.

What is the AirDrop bonus?
This drop offers participants much more money that the common one do. It’ll take you about 2 minutes to complete all of the tasks, but you’re going to claim $8 or more (if using referral system). So don’t miss the exclusive chance.

You might find a bit strange that some company would like to pay so much money for social activity, which takes only a few minutes of work. But trust me, it’s the easiest and the cheapest way for ICO to become well known and attract more investments.
Also note that distribution of tokens look like this:
  • Airdrop - 50%
  • Team - 15%
  • Token sale - 30%
  • Advisor - 5%
This is a bit unusual, so you should be wary of this project.
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