20 Signs of an Investment Scam (Part 2)



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Jun 18, 2018
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The status of "Delay" or "Scam", especially if it on more than one monitoring site at a time. If monitoring sites publish a "Pay" status, it means that the project is paying to the monitor, but not necessarily to the investors. But if monitors, especially the large and the famous ones, put a bad status, it's rarely untrue.

Mass posts about payment problems on popular forums about HYIPs or any other panic. Even if these are competitors' tricks, they are likely to kill this project. Even unpaid stray panic-maker who made other participants unrest can significantly reduce the flow of funds and thus kill the HYIP.

Mass messages on forums that the project is paying from recently registered users. Typically, such messages are also very similar or primitive, such as "Super Project", "Steadily Pays, Let's Enter." Such information junk is usually written by a small group or even by a single person for money and, accordingly, clearly leads to obvious things.
20 Signs of an Investment Scam  (Part 2)

If the project has statistics or a payout information page and it's missing, or if you get a lot of logins from a set of unbound letters and numbers, or one gets frequent large payments, they're probably fabricated to cover the real situation.

If the HYIP has become sticky on forums or has been granted VIP/Gold status and similar on monitors, but before that, it had no such status, the more time has passed since launch, the more serious the symptom of scam it is, meaning that the admins were trying to milk out the project in despair. This is not a symptom if the project was originally sticky or marked out by monitors.

The domain name is registered with the Public Domain Registry. These projects are quickly closed by addressing the Public Domain Registry. One unsatisfied customer or competitor is sufficient for the project to get closed.

Poor moderation of the official group on the social network. If moderators stop filling up the group with fresh information, stop deleting spam or other project messages, stop answering questions, and some other symptoms of degrading moderation show that the moderators have already packed up.

A high-income HYIP holds a conference or webinar. You just leave the day before this kind of event for the news to come out.

Replenishment bonuses, even at the start of a highly yield project, indicate that the project will close very quickly, as high-yield HYIPs should grow very quickly nevertheless, and bonuses significantly increase this need. Such HYIPs rarely live even 24 hours.

An interview with the project admins on the Money News Online website. It is recommended that you withdraw money no later than the date of the interview.

For fasts, even small delays in the arrival of new funds are critical, so if the fast decides to move to a new hosting or server, consider that it has signed its own death warrant.

What is the right way to proceed if you see one or more symptoms of scam? If you haven't made a deposit yet, it's definitely late. Even if the symptom of scam disappears, there's a lot of HYIPs to choose from. If you have already invested, try closing all investments if you can do so ahead of time and withdraw all available funds. But it's probably late, but there's still a little chance.
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