20 Signs of an Investment Scam (Part 1)



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Jun 18, 2018
It is well known that, an investment program term can range from a few hours to several years. An experienced investor should be able to anticipate the project going scam, having time to withdraw profits until this moment. In this article we'll look at the symptoms that, in 90 percent of cases, foreshadow this event. It should be noted at once that the reverse is not always true, that is, the project can go scam without even one of these symptoms

Any adjustment of tariff plans, especially without notice to investors. Often deposits are automatically transferred to longer tariffs, but are hidden under the guise — "at the request of the investors". If the HYIP term is small, it means that the admins haven't thought out the strategy, that is, they were not preparing for the long work of the project.

20 Signs of an Investment Scam  (Part 1)

E-mail notification on the project development plans. The more ambitious plans are, the more important symptom is. New tariffs, an interest increase and so on are suicide steps to squeeze some more money. This item may also include the appearance of bonus programs, contests that were not previously available, an increase in the referral interest.

Sending out the results of the previous work, how much money the previous investors have already earned, the success stories, and so on. These letters are usually accompanied with calls to invest in the project. In rare situations this means that the project is truly successful and has scored a big win, but in most cases the essence is to grab more before closing.

Mailing a request not to withdraw money, especially if there are first problems. Even if all is well, the investors are frightened and start withdrawing, turning the project into a scam.

The project site is often or partially unavailable, or errors have appeared on some pages in the site, such as database access errors. The admins may have disabled some of the modules, such as automatic payment modules, and did not do so correctly. The problem may be in a DDoS attack or other technical problems, but they frighten users in any case, which results in the mass withdrawal and scam of the project. There is also the possibility that the project is placed on a low-cost hosting which has some appearing problems, which signals about the negligence of the admins and absence of long-term plans in favor of fast scam.

Payment delay. Especially in the automatic or instant type of payment, it is likely that either there is not enough money to pay, or payments are disabled by the admins. In the case of manual payments or admins' notification of the transition to manual payments from instant ones, this symptom is slightly less significant, but it does indicate problems that may or have already grown to scam.

The "Pay" status on the monitor sites is not confirmed on the forums. If investors have delays with payments and according to monitors, the project still pays, this is an obvious sign of scam.

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