Finished 100 BitFam Tokens - Phase 1 Airdrop for up to 10 Thousand People on Q3 2018 - Sept



Jun 26, 2018
100 BitFam tokens - Phase 1 Airdrop for up to 10 Thousand People on Q3 2018 - Sept

What the BitFam Offers Us?
Today's cryptocurrencies are mostly useless. Via classical Bitcoin you can’t buy more than some drugs and weapon. At the same time, other coins can’t offer you even this.
No one popular shop or café accept crypto. You aren’t able, for example, to buy a coffee or go to the cinema, if you don’t have cash or credit card. Of course, you can always exchange almost any of the coins for fiat money, but it’ll quickly get bored.
To simply pay with cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere you can use Bitfam.
Bitfam is an ecosystem, inside of which you can pay for everything you’d like to in BFM tokens. This platform offers you to do these:
  • Marketplace. Here anyone can sell and buy whatever he wants
  • Forum. Like any other, it is used to communicate with people who have the same opinion or don’t
  • Bank. Borrow or lend BFM tokens to earn some profit
  • Hosting. High speed for a low price
All of these services are probably going to make a life of people, who use crypto, much easier.

What do You Have to Do?
Go to bitfam website => register and verify your email => indicate your participation level => complete tasks => get paid

Want More Information?
  • Visit the same page higher to view the tasks
  • Join their group in the Telegram and post a message there
  • Follow their Twitter
  • Like and follow their Facebook
  • Complete a form, which includes your email, social media links, username Ethereum wallet. Wait...
AirDrop Bonus
This drop is opened only for 10,000 people, but they do offer a referral program to make your profit much bigger.

When You to Claim These Tokens?
100 (more if you use referral) will be sent to ETH wallet, you have written on the form, sometime about 16th September.
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