1. P

    Bitwala - 30 Euro for you and invited person.

    Bitwala is a German project, the first blockchain bank account, integrated with the Bitcoin wallet. The offer also has a debit card. A month ago they had a promotion on the occasion of CyberMonday, where they given € 30 in registration at BTC . I took advantage then and 30 € came up without a...
  2. Lebedev

    The best Crypto Investment Option for iPhone

    You may be interested in crypto industry because of either a technological idea that lies inside of it or some financial reasons. Despite why somebody has decided to join such a perspective field, the first step on becoming a crypto investor is registering a wallet. By the way, this is one of...
  3. Lebedev

    Top Wallets for Ethereum

    A cryptocurrency without past has no future Not a quote at all Bitcoin, the great-grandfather of all coins, begin its work on September 3 of 2009. And it has no competitors for almost five years. But everything ruins sometime, and monopoly of bitcoin ended in year 2014 with the release of...
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