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  1. S | Free Football Analysis Software

    Hello everybody! I have a pleasure to introduce you a new FREE software for soccer analysis. With this software, you will know : - The Country Win Most - The League Win Most - The Team will win with exact score Every win rate will be calculated by Google Data to make sure that you have the...
  2. Margo

    What Will Sport Look Like in 20 Years?

    Achievements in the scientific and technical fields create new sports equipment, nutrition and even game rules. It is difficult to imagine that the sport, to which we have already become accustomed, will transform in the near future. Most likely, classical team games and disciplines will remain...
  3. Margo

    Star Trek Technologies That Now Exist

    The first “Star Trek” TV series was released in 1966, and the first film — in 1979. Hardly directors and screenwriters could assume that by 2019 their fictional technologies would not only become a reality but also change many business processes. “Beam me up, Scotty!” Phone, videoconferencing...
  4. Margo

    Bill Gates The Predictions that Came True

    In 1999, Bill Gates made 15 bold predictions in his book “Business at the Speed of Thought”, which seemed like crazy fantasies then. But, as time has shown, they turned out to be prophetic. Here are 15 bold assumptions of the head of Microsoft, which have come true. Comparison Shopping Website...
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