1. scammrz_dezerv_castration

    Make quick money from Coinbase!

    Hi all. Know it's been mentioned in the past, but in case you weren't aware, Coinbase is offering free crypto for watching some very short videos and answering a few questions based on the vids! I have all the answers right here for you, just in case you didn't feel like watching anything or...
  2. Tom_the_Hyipster

    Not Paying HYIP - FXBIT Review [101.5% Daily, hourly accruals - 124% for 12 Days,0.083% hourly+principal back]

    Hello everyone, discover FXBIT This new kind of hyip that in my opinion should have a more stable income. Interests accruals are paying every hour in any plans and at the end of the period the body of the investment come back. This system is designed for keep a more solid liquidity on the...
  3. Cryptofov

    Not Tracked PTCShare Matrix LINSTOW LP. Review [Up to 2-4% Daily]

    CEO of this program is successful entrepreneur who together with his team successfully run 6 other projects: PlayBitcoinGames BarterMyFunds PlayPerfectMoneyGames PaidVerts MyTrafficValue Warclicks CEO is Marc de Koning. Check out more info about him on his FB profile...
  4. Tom_the_Hyipster

    Not Paying Hourly Club - [ 0.3% hourly forever - 2.96x36hours - RC 3.5%-0.3%-0.2%-0.1%]

    Hello dears, this is HourlyClub new hyip. From site: "is a true opportunity to earn on cryptocurrency. Nowadays cryptocurrency is one of the main payment instruments, which can be used online. has been using this kind of digital payment for quite a while to gain and raise profit."...
  5. Tom_the_Hyipster

    Not Paying EarnHourlyBTC - [1.16%x90, 1.66x70 hours, SignUp Bonus - RC 3%]

    Hello, I just invest in this new Hyip called EarnHourlyBTC EARN HOURLY BTC LTD Company is a basic and well establishes company we love what we do by having a bitcoin automated trading robot that we developed which maske us proud that we have automated robot and offer best service in...
  6. Tom_the_Hyipster

    Not Paying COINHOUR - [2.6%x42h - 40%daily for 3 days - RC 5%]

    Hello, today I've invest in PLANS: 0.30% - 2.00% hourly forever; 2.60% - 5.00% hourly for 42 hours; 40.00% - 80.00% daily for 3 days; 8.00% - 10.00% hourly for 20 hours; 20.00% - 25.00% hourly for 8 hours; 400.00% - 800.00% after 3 days; Processors: Perfect Money...
  7. Tom_the_Hyipster

    Not Paying GOLDEN STAR Review [2% 1day - 7,5% 3Days]

    Hello, today I introduce Golden Star The main objective of GOLDEN STAR team is to get the highest profits possible from trading on the foreign exchange (Forex) PLANS: 102% after 1 day; 2.5% daily for 3 days; 5% daily for 6 days; 10% daily for 12 days; 110% after 1 day; 135% after 3 days...
  8. rafaelopees

    Not Paying Whalesclub HYIP Review [5% daily for 33 buz days]

    >>> Registration link here <<< WhalesClub team is a bunch of passionate crypto traders and developers, designers and content creators. We want to help spread the knowledge and bring mass adoption of crypto trading in general. We also view this as an amazing opportunity for people who don’t have...
  9. rafaelopees

    Not Paying Bitonic HYIP Review [11% ~ 15% daily lifelong]

    >>> BITONIC.BIZ <<< is a cryptocurrency mining company established in 2017. The wide array of services we offer were specifically designed to assist Bitcoin holders in making good investment decisions. Bitonic HYIP working since: 20/05/2019 DAILY INTEREST Our clients can enjoy...
  10. Tom_the_Hyipster

    Not Paying Roicoin review - [2.82% - 5.00% for 38 hours- 6.00% - 10.00% for 24 hours]

    Hello, discover platform Roicoin, online platform that will allow you to profit from manipulations on cryptocurrency exchanges without risking losing your money. Profit will be provided by the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, conducting trend IPOs on the most...
  11. Tom_the_Hyipster

    Not Paying RAINHOUR [2% 4ever - 3.3/6% x 32hours R.C. 3-0.50%]

    Hello guys, I want to introduce this new hyip, called RAINHOUR LIMITED Trading LTD is a professional investment corporation engaged in stock market, foreign exchange market, Forex Trade and gold trading UK Registration 11334188 & Head Office located at 9-45 Great...
  12. Tom_the_Hyipster


    Hello, I want to share, I’m trying since 20days and everything is working perfectly at the moment with over 30mln Doge payed out Cloud mining return start from 120% to 160% in 40 days period, depend which plan do you prefear From a min deposit of 500 Doge to 500k Doge...
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