1. Golem

    question How do I Calculate Mining Profitability?

    Where and how Mining Profit can be Calculated?
  2. dr.Gachet

    question What is Hashrate in Mining?

    What is Hashrate? How do you calculate it?
  3. Golem

    question What is Mining Difficulty?

    Hey there, can somebody tell me what challenges would you face when mining?
  4. Lebedev

    Global warming and other news from mining industry

    Part 1. HARDWARE Unfortunately, we will always cherish October 2018 as a month with no news about hardware. On the other hand, there were giant amount of events that are going to affect the industry a lot. Overclocked and Boosted For almost no reasons, companies producing the mining hardware...
  5. Lebedev

    Giant post about mining...

    Mining - is a way of earning by supporting the work of cryptocurrency. It may sound paradoxically, but in 21 century people have learned how to mine money like they used to mine precious metals, however they’re digital. Yes, all of us are now really able to mine digital money. After all...
  6. Lebedev

    Bitfury - modern mining solution

    Be tolerant towards asic miners… There’s no more time for small steps. How you learned from the video below, Bitfury is creating small, efficient and heat resistant asics. This company is very young, comparing with other hardware producers, however, it’s already become an active topic of...
  7. Lebedev

    Everything you should know about Mining in September 2018

    You can find two articles dedicated to mining and this is going to be the third one. “Mining news” can now be fairly called as regular column, so make sure you won’t forget to read it in next time, depending on the quantity of releases and updates, in the end or at the start of the month...
  8. Lebedev

    Are new NVidia cards going to replace ASIC-miners in the near future

    How NVidia changes the industry? Since NVidia has announced the release of their new video cards (RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080Ti), they became a popular theme of discussions. Although cards have incredible characteristics, ray tracing technology and supersampling, they didn’t show themselves very...
  9. Lebedev

    Minehive - mine bitcoin online with the help of professionals

    Cloud mining develops extremely fast, probably because it’s the easiest way to start mining if you don’t have lots of money or knowledge. Although there lots of companies that provides such services, it’s still hard enough to find one that is trustworthy and profitable. If you’re looking for...
  10. Lebedev

    IQMining - bitcoin cloud mining has never been so easy and so profitable

    After extremely fast price increase of cryptocurrencies, lots of people began mining them. And a lot of these people faced problems: how to build mining farm, how to choose the best asic miner, how to set everything correct, what algorithm and coin choose and how not to get in problems with law...
  11. Lebedev

    Everything you need to know about mining in August 2018

    Some time before, there was an article about top asic miners and other stuff that can help you in mining different cryptocurrencies. There you can find all general you might information that will help you to make your knowledge bigger and to become more confident in what you already know...
  12. Lebedev

    Top asic miners in year 2018

    Today i’d like to tell you, which miners will be the best option for you to invest, in my personal opinion. But first of all let’s start right at the beginning: what the mining is. Mining is process of extraction of useful resources - in normal world of course. But in cryptoworld mining is, to...
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