1. Jenifer Ariate

    Paying HYIP - Review [ 1Hour 0.007%, Daily 0.036%, Weekly 3.036% Monthly 18% /F1 Interest rates 10% ] 5.00 star(s) 2 Votes

    Bestlevelup is a Singapore corporation that carries out all financial and commercial activities under Singapore law, based on licenses and issued by the Singaporean government watchdog. Register here to receive $100 Borrowed funds & 100 BLU+ Token Launch Date : August 2019 Bestlevelup offers...
  2. reallyOo

    Not Tracked - 8 Bit Limited Review [0.2%-0.6% daily for 1-24 months + up to 24% RC]

    Project start: October 13, 2018 About company: Investment plans: Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin and others Minimal deposit: $30, in other currencies Type of payment: instant, however some payment methods (like BTC) require...
  3. K

    Not Paying HYIP - bitcoinness review | 4.00% Daily for 30 days | 5.00% Daily for 30 days | 6.00% daily for 30 days |

    Hello everyone, Introducing you BITCOINNESS new project for mid term investments INVESTMENT PLANS: 4.00% Daily for 30 Days 5.00% Daily for 30 Days 6.00% Daily for 30 Days PRINCIPAL INCLUDED Payment System: BTC | LTC | DOGE | ETH Minimum Invest: $10 Maximum Invest: $9999 Minimum Payout: $5...
  4. pasieczko

    Not Paying - HYIP INVESTERION Review [6.66% Daily for 1 Day, 200% for 30 Days]

    Hello everyone, a month ago I invested in a new short-term project called INVESTERION, which generates profit through third-party advertising (an external company advertises on FB or GOOGLE, earns and pays part of its profit). The project offers 200% profit in 30 days, and payments are...
  5. Lukki

    Lukki Exchange Bounty Review: A Chance to Win $125, $50 and $25

    Dear users, Lukki exchange is running a bounty competition, where everyone can win $125, $50 and $25 in ETH. The point of the competition is to write a review/record a video about LOT token and Lukki exchange based on the information on the website and our Medium and post it on your...
  6. rafaelopees

    Not Paying SNIPERDAX [10,5% ~ 18% HOURLY FOR 10H] NEW (09/06) 10%RC

    >>>SPIDERDAX<<< HYIP Portfolios (FOR 10 HOUR) Plan 1: + SPENT: $1.00 - $200.00 + HOURLY PROFIT: 10.50% Plan 2: + SPENT: $201.00 - $1000.00 + HOURLY PROFIT: 12.00% Plan 3: + SPENT: $1001.00 - $1000.00 + HOURLY PROFIT: 14.00% Plan 4: + SPENT: $10001.00 - $50000.00 + HOURLY PROFIT: 16.00%...
  7. Mediaproject


    RoboForex has been providing brokerage services in the Forex market since 2009, being one of the official sponsors of the Dakar-2017 rally. RoboForex offers several Forex trading accounts depending on the replenishment amount: -Pro-Standard - minimum deposit of $ 10; 36 currency pairs, metals...
  8. Lebedev

    Best trading platforms for investing in bitcoin (dedicated to release of DEX)

    Having a few days to prepare yourself to brand new experience in crypto trading it would be a good idea to remember all the popular trading platforms we've been using and will continue to do so even after DEX release. A lot of investors are giving no doubt that bitcoin will increase in price...
  9. Adoen

    Not Tracked - Parodex Capital Inc Review [Up to 27.3% Monthly Profit + 10% R.C.] has been working since December 27, 2017. Parodex Capital Inc. makes a profit on tourism, logistics and trade sectors. Investment Plans: - 6 Month Plan 10$ per stock Monthly Revenue: 27.3% Return on Investment: 163.8% - 1 Year Plan 10$ per stock Monthly Revenue: 21.6% Return...
  10. Lebedev

    Analytics: Bitcoin true bull run will take place in July

    Josh Rager - trader and crypto analytic is sure in that Bitcoin instability will continue till the middle of summer, after what a long-term price increasing will start. By his words, today's way the bitcoin price go through has already been seen in year 2015: after the main cryptocurrency has...
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