1. lenovoR1 review

    Yesterday I came across with a “new” type of investment platform called .The principle of this platform is to collect a certain amount of money in an unspecified period of time, and after that period of time there will be a live selection on where they will choose one...
  2. Lebedev

    Best trading platforms for investing in bitcoin (dedicated to release of DEX)

    Having a few days to prepare yourself to brand new experience in crypto trading it would be a good idea to remember all the popular trading platforms we've been using and will continue to do so even after DEX release. A lot of investors are giving no doubt that bitcoin will increase in price...
  3. A

    paying - Parodex Capital Inc Review [Up to 27.3% Monthly Profit + 10% R.C.] has been working since December 27, 2017. Parodex Capital Inc. makes a profit on tourism, logistics and trade sectors. Investment Plans: - 6 Month Plan 10$ per stock Monthly Revenue: 27.3% Return on Investment: 163.8% - 1 Year Plan 10$ per stock Monthly Revenue: 21.6% Return...
  4. Lebedev

    Analytics: Bitcoin true bull run will take place in July

    Josh Rager - trader and crypto analytic is sure in that Bitcoin instability will continue till the middle of summer, after what a long-term price increasing will start. By his words, today's way the bitcoin price go through has already been seen in year 2015: after the main cryptocurrency has...
  5. chakisii

    Investment plannning

    Investment planning is the first step for a better life. Before you make any financial move you need that kind of plan. This plan is made to fix your objective and the resources that you already own or need. Whatever your investment goals or reasons for saving, from buying a house to saving for...
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