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    Not Paying HYIP - bitcoinness review | 4.00% Daily for 30 days | 5.00% Daily for 30 days | 6.00% daily for 30 days |

    Hello everyone, Introducing you BITCOINNESS new project for mid term investments INVESTMENT PLANS: 4.00% Daily for 30 Days 5.00% Daily for 30 Days 6.00% Daily for 30 Days PRINCIPAL INCLUDED Payment System: BTC | LTC | DOGE | ETH Minimum Invest: $10 Maximum Invest: $9999 Minimum Payout: $5...
  2. Golem

    Reinvesting in a HYIP: Take a Risk or Lose the Chance

    Sooner or later, every investor is faced with a dilemma — to reinvest or take your money out from the program and leave. In order to understand whether it is worth reinvesting in HYIPs, first of all, it is necessary to correlate the project profitability with its life-term: 1. HYIPs with a...
  3. Golem

    HYIP Review Types

    A HYIP review is one of the analysis tools of investment projects. Any HYIP should be carefully and thoroughly checked before investing in it. In this article we will examine what the review of HYIP investment projects is, what it is for, what information in it should be useful and whether it is...
  4. Golem

    HYIP Tariff Plans and Their Impact on HYIP Earning Power and Lifetime

    For gaining profit from online investing you should carefully choose the time of entry and exit from a HYIP. Following a few simple rules, you will be able to do it without financial losses: Try to enter the project when the HYIP is just starting its advertising campaign. As soon as there is a...
  5. Golem

    How to Predict HYIP Lifetime and Stop Investing at the Right Moment

    HYIP life term often depends directly on its tariff plans and launch date. In general, however, the HYIP industry can provide different variations in the project life: much depends on the admin himself and his degree of preparation. The first thing you need to pay attention to the HYIP...
  6. Golem

    Core Causes and Consequences of Deposit Glut in HYIPs

    Deposit Glut is a situation when depositors invest too much in the project, and the load on the cash account becomes too large, which leads to the project going scam. Investing excessively in HYIPs is especially dangerous at the start of the project and is almost always a sign of the scam. HYIP...
  7. Golem

    Three Types of Payouts in HYIPs

    In this article we will look at the pros and cons of three main types of payments in HYIPs. Automatic Payments The automated or automatic type of payouts is a fully automated payment. Once investing funds and specifying the wallet for withdrawal, you can never open the site as immediately...
  8. Golem

    TOP 10 Mistakes When Investing in HYIPs

    Even professional investors sometimes lose their deposits in the HYIPs, and beginners can’t avoid this situation. This should be realized in the same way as the fact that any HYIP will close with time, and your task is to withdraw your money in time. In this article, we will talk about 10...
  9. Golem

    Mistakes of Experienced Investors

    Not only beginners make mistakes, but also investors with the experience. It is very important to not to lose self-control and a critical view of the situation even after the passage of time. This is a common problem that a beginner starts to consider himself as a professional after 2-3 months...
  10. Golem

    Mistakes of Beginner Investors

    High-risk investments such as HYIPs require an adequate level of preparation and self-organization. This isn’t quick or easy money. There is a whole bunch of mistakes that most beginners make. We want you to learn from the mistakes and experiences of others, so we have gathered useful tips for...
  11. Golem

    Security Tips For Working with HYIPs

    In any field of activity that refers to the works with money, special attention should be paid to security. Therefore, when starting to work with HYIPs, consider the following tips carefully and don’t repeat the mistakes of investors who have lost money because of their carelessness. 1. E-mail...
  12. Golem

    Pros and Cons of Instant Payout Option in HYIPs

    Instant payouts are often highlighted as a feature of a reliable HYIP — it's generally believed that HYIPs with instant payout has no problem with cash flow. But what about the actual state of affairs? In this article we will try to find out what instant payments are and if a HYIP investor needs...
  13. Golem

    Niceties of Investing in Low-interest HYIPs

    The basic economic rule is that the higher the level of yield is, the higher the risk exists. It extends to the HYIP industry. Some investors erroneously use it to explain low risks in low-interest HYIPs. But this logic doesn’t work in the opposite direction. Even projects with low-interest...
  14. Golem

    Invest Like a Pro: The Signs of Upcoming Scam

    Immortal HYIP doesn’t exist. The only question is when exactly the investment project will close. The practice has shown that it happens suddenly. It happens suddenly, but not unpredictable. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, when quite successful HYIPs are closed by admin’s wish. In...
  15. Golem

    Invest Like a Pro: Common Ploys of HYIP Admins

    It's no secret that 99.9% of HYIPs do not make any real activity. But this is not the only deception that most investors face. There are also ploys used by project admins to lure naive victims into their networks. Sometimes they even deceive experienced investors. Scammers play on human...
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