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  1. Marengo

    Ongoing LTO Network ICO Review Jan 14, 2019 [Bounty]

    LTO Network ICO concept: reduce bureaucracy through the automation platform of laws and agreements. It perfectly expresses the essence of the German mentality. More info about problems and solutions: LTO Network ICO — Trust Balance for B2B on The Basis of a Combining Chains Competitors The...
  2. Marengo

    Finished (TRADING) STOX Cup — Easy Way to Receive STX and Other Tokens

    What is STOX? How many times a day you think about global events like as cybersport 2018 tournaments, Tesla research, acute political issues, ICO’s projects and other? How many times have you been right? You can make money on this. On the app.stox platform are some questions about the future...
  3. Marengo

    Finished 500 MapCoin — Phase 2 Airdrop up to $100 Profit on Q3 2018 - Sept

    What is MapCoin? The MapCoin represent the future of mapping technologies for all drivers. The platform propose money for information exchange. Their program want have access to location data using and create driver’s maps on this basis. Developers believe, the monetization such data can bring...
  4. Marengo

    Finished 1500 REOS — up to $15 Profit From the Platform of Authors and Readers

    What is REOS? REOS is decentralized system for digital user-generated content. Here is a place for meeting viewers and writers. The viewers pay for the most interested content and the writers receive payment for their articles. This idea can become successful because different social platforms...
  5. Marengo

    Finished 50 ELT — Free Virtual Cryptocurrency Card and up to $18 Profit after the ICO End

    What is ELT? ELT from Lendo loan’s platform. Investors can give and receive loans. You can get credit in dollars up to 60% of the value of your crypto assets, which be stored in the Lendo Escrow Vault. It is software platform with ultra secure. Acceptance of loan applications is faster than...
  6. Marengo

    Finished 100 SYNT — AI Marketplace Tokens up to $2 Profit on 2018/09/27

    What is Synthetics AI? The platform Synthetics AI is the place for traders, which want give routine work for sale and purchase of cryptocurrency assets to bots. In this way Synthetics represents chat-bot industry. According to the main page, this area will grow by 3 billion dollars up to 2021...
  7. CoinExpert

    Top 10 Rules for ICO Investing

    During the first half of 2018, 394 ICOs have been completed. According to CoinDesk, they raised $ 13.6 billion. For comparison: Over the past year only 343 projects have conducted ICOs, which raised 5.5 billion dollars. The trend is obvious — the ICO market is growing. If you want to take part...
  8. CoinExpert

    Bounty Programs in ICO Campaigns

    In the digital world, bounty programs originate from online gaming platforms, which offered users a reward for participating in the development. In fact, bonuses are a stimulating mechanism. A company promoting a product or service pays customers a reward for performing certain tasks. For many...
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