1. A

    Paying Constantraders Limited [2% daily for 60 days, 2.1% every 5 days, 2.2% every 10 days]

    Constantraders Ltd - private company specialised in foreign exchange, crypto trading and investment. We invite to cooperation at the international level as groups and individuals from around the world. Constantraders Ltd provides a competitive return on investment, also the data of our clients...
  2. joker7

    Not Paying Bitgeneration Review HYIP [0.4% Up to 0.5% hourly For 30 Days + 7-2-1% R.C. ]

    HYIP Description According to About Page [Start: Jun 10, 2019 ]: BitGeneration Limited is a crypto trading and mining company incorporated in the Isles of Man. We have been in the business of financial advisory for over a decade in which time we have assisted quite a number of blue chip...
  3. rafaelopees

    Not Paying SNIPERDAX [10,5% ~ 18% HOURLY FOR 10H] NEW (09/06) 10%RC

    >>>SPIDERDAX<<< HYIP Portfolios (FOR 10 HOUR) Plan 1: + SPENT: $1.00 - $200.00 + HOURLY PROFIT: 10.50% Plan 2: + SPENT: $201.00 - $1000.00 + HOURLY PROFIT: 12.00% Plan 3: + SPENT: $1001.00 - $1000.00 + HOURLY PROFIT: 14.00% Plan 4: + SPENT: $10001.00 - $50000.00 + HOURLY PROFIT: 16.00%...
  4. joker7

    Not Paying Cowly HYIP Cowly Review [7% For 21 Calendar Day - 114% After 7 Days + 5-2-1-1-1% R.C.]

    HYIP Description :[Start: Jun 06, 2019 ] Cowly Farm Limited is a United Kingdom based dairy farm with 100% of its farm assets located in different parts of United Kindom. Our extensive dairy farm operation are made possible by running 12 dairy farms across UK, producing an estimated 2 million...
  5. Tom_the_Hyipster

    Not Paying COINHOUR - [2.6%x42h - 40%daily for 3 days - RC 5%]

    Hello, today I've invest in https://coinhour.biz PLANS: 0.30% - 2.00% hourly forever; 2.60% - 5.00% hourly for 42 hours; 40.00% - 80.00% daily for 3 days; 8.00% - 10.00% hourly for 20 hours; 20.00% - 25.00% hourly for 8 hours; 400.00% - 800.00% after 3 days; Processors: Perfect Money...
  6. joker7

    Not Paying Elitex HYIP Elitex Review [2% | 2.7% | 3.5 % Daily For 365 D+5-2-1% R.C.]

    HYIP Description :[Start: May 31, 2019 ] ELITEX Group LLC is an international financial company registered in the United States, involved in investment activities related to the issuance of microcredits to individuals through the terminals of partners in a number of countries. The online...
  7. joker7

    Not Paying Energy-freedom HYIP Review [5% Daily For 35D - 7% Daily For 30D - 125% After 3D + 8-3-1% R.C.]

    HYIP Description :[Start :May 22, 2019 ] ENERGY-FREEDOM is a multinational renewable energy company focused on the development and management of utility-scale solar fields in emerging markets. Energy Freedom is committed to accelerating energy sustainability and independence in each local...
  8. Tom_the_Hyipster

    Not Paying GOLDEN STAR Review [2% 1day - 7,5% 3Days]

    Hello, today I introduce Golden Star The main objective of GOLDEN STAR team is to get the highest profits possible from trading on the foreign exchange (Forex) PLANS: 102% after 1 day; 2.5% daily for 3 days; 5% daily for 6 days; 10% daily for 12 days; 110% after 1 day; 135% after 3 days...
  9. rafaelopees

    Not Paying Whalesclub HYIP Review [5% daily for 33 buz days]

    >>> Registration link here <<< WhalesClub team is a bunch of passionate crypto traders and developers, designers and content creators. We want to help spread the knowledge and bring mass adoption of crypto trading in general. We also view this as an amazing opportunity for people who don’t have...
  10. Tom_the_Hyipster

    Not Paying Roicoin review - [2.82% - 5.00% for 38 hours- 6.00% - 10.00% for 24 hours]

    Hello, discover https://roicoin.biz platform Roicoin, online platform that will allow you to profit from manipulations on cryptocurrency exchanges without risking losing your money. Profit will be provided by the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, conducting trend IPOs on the most...
  11. Tom_the_Hyipster

    Not Paying RAINHOUR [2% 4ever - 3.3/6% x 32hours R.C. 3-0.50%]

    Hello guys, I want to introduce this new hyip, called https://rainhour.biz/ RAINHOUR LIMITED Trading LTD is a professional investment corporation engaged in stock market, foreign exchange market, Forex Trade and gold trading UK Registration 11334188 & Head Office located at 9-45 Great...
  12. cryptofinance

    Coinwages Investment Platform (CWG) [Loan - Weekly distribution - Risk free HYIP]

    I am glad to inform you of our platform, I will give you full details below as I am also one of the team. The Coinwages platform was carefully thought of to help tackle issue of money loss due to unpredictable HYIP schemes. An alternative to that in a way that will keep money being earned at a...
  13. Mediaproject


    BIZZILION PTY LTD is the largest media agency that acts as an intermediary in transactions related to the transfer of rights to streaming broadcasts, TV programs, sporting events, and the distribution of advertising content. We assist in the process of buying the rights to broadcast a number of...
  14. Tom_the_Hyipster

    Not Paying BTCROI LTD [2.80% hourly - 120% 3 days - Ref 4,5-05-05%]

    https://btcroi.biz/ If you want to earn money on the Forex market, but do not want to delve into the intricacies of financial operations, or simply do not have sufficient experience to conduct profitable trading, BTCROI LIMITED is the best choice for you! We have the necessary experience and...
  15. D

    CashBank.info Paying HYIP Upto 10% Commission Instant Withdrawal

    New Paying Investment Program with Instant Withdrawal Upto 10% Referral Commission Licensed Script, Unique Design, SSL, DDOS Security, And Secure Platform of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investments Portfolios: 200% to 1000% Daily | 600% to 3000% Half-Weekly | 1800% to 9000% Weekly Payment...
  16. Mediaproject

    Crowdmining Platform ICO & Mining.Invest in CM Tokens & Earn 3% Daily (PAYMENT PROOF)

    The project started on February 2, 2019. The real company with a real business, Crowdmining is an ICO project that produces its own cryptocurrency. Start Date: 02/02/19 Registration in the project and bonuses TOKENS here: REGISTER NOW AND GET BONUS The minimum deposit amount: $ 9 / $ 4.5...
  17. Cryptofov

    Not Paying Albiton: Investment plan 4% - 6% - 8% | Referral commission 7% - 5% - 1%

    Albiton.io -officially handled by the British Incorporated company Albiton Limited is the self-regulated and automated financial management platform. Advancements in artificial intelligence bots and improved trade technologies will allow AI robots to manage with a far greater extent of market...
  18. Cryptofov

    Not Paying JetNodes HYIP 2-4% daily forever | 7% - 2%-1%

    JetNodes.com is a cloud servise of purchasing and hosting of masternodes. Our company, located in Sweden, in the city of Gothenburg, provides an available opportunity to invest in masternodes. We fully undertake all the work on connecting and launching of masternodes. You can purchase...
  19. H

    hyips.net domain for sale

    Hello, I sell my domain hyips.net This domain is one of the top domains if you want to do HYIP or monitor business. If you are interested send a private message with your offer or you can buy it immediately from hyips.net
  20. Cryptofov

    Elven Gold - Play and Make Real Money (Gift of 50 RUBLES = 1$ for FREE)

    ElvenGold.com is new generation game project where you can make money from home and around the world! The project is developed by competent programmers and experienced designers, thus you have an efficient, and most important - Fair game with unlimited possibilities for making money while...
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