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  1. cryptofinance

    Coinwages Investment Platform (CWG) [Loan - Weekly distribution - Risk free HYIP]

    I am glad to inform you of our platform, I will give you full details below as I am also one of the team. The Coinwages platform was carefully thought of to help tackle issue of money loss due to unpredictable HYIP schemes. An alternative to that in a way that will keep money being earned at a...
  2. C

    Looking partner for making a hyip

    I just give a little info, I'm not new and ever recruited and works for several hyip, if anyone of you is ready, i mean have funds and can or have website designer. You can expect me for customer relationship and online promo based jobs, i know and understand the strategies. more details...
  3. Marengo

    make money Blog Novice HYIP Investor

    Dear followers, I invested many years ago in one of the mid-term HYIPs and received a large amount of net profit. Then I really didn’t know what the mid-term means, and the value of the HYIP was viewed in Wikipedia. Now I want to understand this topic in more detail and find all the shoals and...
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