1. Cryptofov

    Not Tracked CryptoJams HYIP CryptoJams Review [1-1.7% Daily]

    CryptoJams is advertising platform which had internal token/coin called Jams. That token allows us to stake it and earn passively along watch ads( mining ads). In return of staking those tokens every member gets advertising credits to promote his/her other projects or services trough their whole...
  2. joker7

    Not Paying Genius-Ai Review HYIP [6% for 30 days - 8% for 25 Days - 132% after 8 Days + 8-4-2% R.C.] 1.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    HYIP Description According to About Page : GENIUS_AI team began its journey back in 2014. Peter Francis was an experienced trader, having great ideas and a great desire to move forward, he created a team of brilliant programmers and called it GENIUS-AI. The first task was the development of a...
  3. Tom_the_Hyipster

    Not Paying Roicoin review - [2.82% - 5.00% for 38 hours- 6.00% - 10.00% for 24 hours]

    Hello, discover https://roicoin.biz platform Roicoin, online platform that will allow you to profit from manipulations on cryptocurrency exchanges without risking losing your money. Profit will be provided by the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, conducting trend IPOs on the most...
  4. M

    MyLead - a global affiliate network - WE GIVING BONUSES - YOU WILL EARN MORE

    Let’s start, with a handshake MyLead is a comprehensive platform for earning money online that provides you with a lot of tools that will allow you to do it in a simple way. We are a global affiliate network tested by tens of thousands of publishers, who have paid millions of dollars, making...
  5. B

    gain money when you referral shopping clients

    dubli offers you an opportunity to gain money when you referral shopping clients to dubli these referrals are freely susbscribed and each time they purchase from dubli and get 25$ cashback you subsequently gain 5$ , dubli has a vip membership that would give more privilege , and it's a way of...
  6. Cryptofov

    HashingAdSPace - Staking, Advertising, Earning and FREE opportunity

    -----------------this is official introduction but a little bit down you have shorter explantion "HOW IT WORKS"---------------------- Hashing Ad Space is an online advertising platform Purchase our advertising products and have your website displayed to thousands of our members. It’s easy...
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