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    Bitwala - 30 Euro for you and invited person.

    Bitwala is a German project, the first blockchain bank account, integrated with the Bitcoin wallet. The offer also has a debit card. A month ago they had a promotion on the occasion of CyberMonday, where they given € 30 in registration at BTC . I took advantage then and 30 € came up without a...
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    Cryptocurrency Development Services By Developcoins

    Start building your own new crypto coin, we specialize in creating custom altcoin and cryptocurrency development company. And we create multi cryptocurrency and altcoin supported wallets. Start creating your own crypto coin using cutting edge technology! Developcoins takes pride in being a...
  3. CoinExpert

    TOP 10 Crypto Wallets in 2019

    Any person associated with a crypto market necessarily faces a question — which crypto wallet to choose? In this article, we will consider the wallets most in demand among crypto traders and miners. Rahakott Wallet Anonymous It is multilingual, anonymous, multicurrency Rahakott crypto wallet...
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