blockchain technology

  1. enwapame

    'No Chance' For Bitcoin as a Reliable Currency, Says NBA's Mavericks Owner, Cuban

    The owner of the National Basketball Association's (NBA) Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, doesn't think bitcoin can become a reliable currency. In response to a question on whether their is any scenario where bitcoin could become a trustworthy currency; the American businessman, Cuban, said...
  2. dr.Gachet

    How to Start Your Own Business using Bitcoin Opportunities

    Nowadays, blockchain technologies are developing amazingly fast, forming a favorable environment for those who intend to start their own Bitcoin-related businesses. Over the past nine years, crypto space has grown significantly, and many bitcoin investors have made huge fortunes.Today, there are...
  3. dr.Gachet

    How Blockchain is Changing the World

    Blockchain is a cryptographic technology which is used for data processing, making transactions, data storage and protection. The tasks that are fulfilled by blockchain are relevant to all spheres of life, hence the technology is applicable literally everywhere, and, changing our view of things...
  4. dr.Gachet

    Avant-garde or Technology: Top 7 Blockchain Masterpieces

    In this article we will consider seven of the most popular blockchain art projects and how their creators are using blockchain in their art works. The Scarab Project SCARAB is a decentralized community of artists which specialize in creating combined art project. Launched in 2014, the...
  5. dr.Gachet

    Top 5 the Most Absurd Blockchain use Examples

    The implementation of blockchain technologies allows companies to simplify and speeding up the work, as well as to reduce costs. Today, there are more than 1500 different crypto currencies in the world, and it becomes more difficult to find an industry not 'familiar' with the blockchain. Indeed...
  6. dr.Gachet

    Amazon, Microsoft & Alibaba: Centralized Companies Into Decentralized Ecosystem

    It's no secret that eCommerce giants set trends on the modern market — the way they use blockchain technology can tell a lot about the future of the industry. Blockchain has become the basis of many new decentralized apps and technologies, but internet giants' interest intensity for the...
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