1. Lebedev

    Binance DEX release - decentralised crypto exchange for professional trading

    Common users now have access to basic functions of the platform, these are web wallet, blockchain viewer, REST API and faster nodes. But the platform still doesn't support trading. It will start rights after the first pair is listed. Platform officials recommend users not to list their tokens...
  2. Lebedev

    The Latest Research on Crypto Market. Is it Worth to Invest?📊

    The research lab of Binance has created the latest report on industry development. It shows that deep correlation of Bitcoin price and most of altcoins might be passed and so called bottom has been faced. Research has also shown the nature of crypto market and how it is connected to mob...
  3. Lebedev

    The best Crypto Investment Option for iPhone

    You may be interested in crypto industry because of either a technological idea that lies inside of it or some financial reasons. Despite why somebody has decided to join such a perspective field, the first step on becoming a crypto investor is registering a wallet. By the way, this is one of...
  4. Marengo

    BINANCE — the Place Where Traders Increase their Altcoins

    Binance cryptoexchange review I earned some altcoins from different airdrops, Pre-sales of promising ICOs, bounty. I did not want to sell them: if the project went through most of the roadmap, it's a promise that in the future prices of their tokens will grow in value. You know that in most...
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