1. Marengo

    Ongoing ScepterCash Lifetime AirDrop Review is the neither HYIP or ICO. This is a long-term investment program with lifetime rewards in ETH. You can take back the main investment whenever you want. Scepter Holdings company specializes in marketing campaigns for brands. Scepter Holders Rewards The company shares 1% of the...
  2. cryptoshark

    Ongoing Stellar XLM Keybase Airdrop

    The Big Stellar Space Drop 2 Billion Lumens for Everyone Just about $144 million USD Here is one of the best Airdrops I have joined with, so I would like to share that with you. I just copy all content from original website. Airdrop is distributed...
  3. Cryptofov

    Not Tracked CryptoJams HYIP CryptoJams Review [1-1.7% Daily]

    CryptoJams is advertising platform which had internal token/coin called Jams. That token allows us to stake it and earn passively along watch ads( mining ads). In return of staking those tokens every member gets advertising credits to promote his/her other projects or services trough their whole...
  4. legitbtcsite

    Finished massive airdrop of the year $125,000,000 and $25 is yours

    as you can see this is the massive airdrop of 2018 blockchan wallet introduce stellar coin and making a huge airdrop $125,000,000 and every user will take $25 yes that's right just sign up at and click claim free Stellar XLM and join the future of finance. blockchain FAQ ...
  5. innatetet

    Aergo ICO (explain and airdrop) 5.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    What is AERGO? It is a unique blockhain solution with almost unlimited scalability, perfect usability and the great support beyond. Have you ever heard about Blocko and their blockchain provided solution Coinstack? If yes, then AERGO will not be a news for you. Blocko is the key investor and...
  6. Marengo

    Finished AirDrops Aggregator Tokendrops com — Many Tokens in One Click

    Do you want to earn some free tokens? Maybe you already know about AirDrops - a way of receiving them. Today I presented you a fresh and free platform which collect many offers. You can read below how to both register in Tokendrops and use it. I will be publishing fresh offers in the comments...
  7. Lebedev

    Finished 40,000 Icon Classic Tokens - Phase 1 Airdrop profit more than $8 - Now

    What is the Icon Classic Goal? You could hear lots of news and stories about leaks. It includes rare leaks of government documents and secret plans of military operations (for example, famous website called “wikileaks”, which founder can’t leave the ecuador embassy already for 8 years), as well...
  8. Lebedev

    Finished MOAC Tokens - 1 Phase AirDrop for Unlimited Quantity of People on Q3 2018 - Aug to Sept

    What is the MOAC Main Idea? You could hear news and stories about how much money blockchain build projects get. Therefore you might have an idea: Why not to make my own projects to raise some budget? Although the world of cryptocurrencies offers unique opportunities and also has giant potential...
  9. Lebedev

    Finished 100 BitFam Tokens - Phase 1 Airdrop for up to 10 Thousand People on Q3 2018 - Sept

    What the BitFam Offers Us? Today's cryptocurrencies are mostly useless. Via classical Bitcoin you can’t buy more than some drugs and weapon. At the same time, other coins can’t offer you even this. No one popular shop or café accept crypto. You aren’t able, for example, to buy a coffee or go to...
  10. Marengo

    Finished 50 ELT — Free Virtual Cryptocurrency Card and up to $18 Profit after the ICO End

    What is ELT? ELT from Lendo loan’s platform. Investors can give and receive loans. You can get credit in dollars up to 60% of the value of your crypto assets, which be stored in the Lendo Escrow Vault. It is software platform with ultra secure. Acceptance of loan applications is faster than...
  11. Marengo

    Finished 100 SYNT — AI Marketplace Tokens up to $2 Profit on 2018/09/27

    What is Synthetics AI? The platform Synthetics AI is the place for traders, which want give routine work for sale and purchase of cryptocurrency assets to bots. In this way Synthetics represents chat-bot industry. According to the main page, this area will grow by 3 billion dollars up to 2021...
  12. dr.Gachet

    What is a Crypto Airdrop and How Does it Work?

    Today to be a crypto enthusiast is trendy and expensive activity. An ideal solution to avoid paying for tokens is a Crypto Airdrop, when a blockchain project or ICO distributes free tokens or coins to the crypto community. In this article, you will find out how take advantage of this 'blue-light...
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