Chinese Promotion of Crypto Causes Spike in Bitcoin Addresses

Launched by Chinese government “coordinated marketing campaign” to support crypto may lead to massive spike in new Bitcoin addresses. “Last week the Chinese government began a coordinated marketing campaign to focus Chinese

Over 100 Million People Worldwide Use Cryptoassets

Over 100 million people worldwide use cryptocurrencies, according to the recent research from the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance.  As of the 3rd quarter of 2020, 101 million users opened 191 million

Binance Acquires Swipe Wallet App

One of the world’s leading crypto exchanges Binance has acquired Swipe Wallet, a multi-asset digital wallet and Visa debit card platform that allows users to buy, sell, convert and spend crypto. Users

Samsung Blockchain Wallet Gets Support from Uppsala Security

Uppsala Security, a global blockchain security company,  has signed a ‘Business Service Partnership’ contract with Samsung Electronics and also agreed to provide customer support services for the Samsung Blockchain Wallet starting with

Why Bitcoin Dropped by 6% on Thursday

Sudden $800 price drop in the bitcoin market on Thursday was caused by several large amount on-chain transactions, exhaustion of bullish trend on the charts, as well as stock market sell-off. This

How to Prevent Your Crypto Wallet From Being Hacked

There is no universal solution for all occasions, but we will try to give advice that is always practically applicable. Here is basic recommendations for organizing the storage of cryptocurrencies and tokens.Distribute