Bad Guys Earn 18% More Money Than Good Guys

In the 1960s, baseball coach Leo Durocher presented his famous statement ‘nice guys finish last’. This means that people who try to be pleasant and play fair cannot compete.It is believed that

Is Being Positive in the Workplace so Useful?

Firms spend money on happiness coaches, team building, games, fun consultants and happiness directors. These jobs and positions may sound funny or even bizarre, but companies take them extremely seriously. Yes, it’s

How to Get People to Believe in Your Idea

David Bailey, a serial entrepreneur, partner at London’s venture capital fund Downing Ventures, and a mentor at Google’s accelerator, speaks on how to convey the idea of uniqueness, success, and competitiveness of

Limiting Beliefs About Money You Should Overcome

Every person has some unconscious beliefs about money. For example, you may think that you don’t deserve to be rich, or that you need more money to be happy. Such beliefs could