Blockchain Applications for Industry 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (1975 – present time period) is a fusion of advances in blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, genetic engineering, robotics, and other technologies. The

Thailand Uses Blockchain to Improve Tax Collection

The Thailand government is turning to blockchain technology to improve its tax collection, according to a top tax official. Thailand’s economy, like every other country globally, has been adversely affected by the

BBC Launches “Doctor Who” Crypto Collectables

The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) and Reality Gaming Group have launched a collection of “Doctor Who” trading cards. The BBC’s first step into crypto-collectible space is a set of digital collectible trading

7 Effective Techniques to Become a Market Leader

Modern economic conditions accentuate the need for businesses to find opportunities to maintain and increase their profitability. By optimizing business processes in the company, you can achieve increased profits or reduced costs.

Media Alliance to Provide Blockchain-based Copyright Protection

The newly established Beijing-based media copyright protection alliance, involving more than 30 major financial media outlets, will use blockchain technology for providing “original authentication and copyright protection for original works.” Blockchain using

Thales Group Uses Blockchain to Conform to NATO Standards

Thales Group, a Paris-based multinational company providing services for the aerospace and defence industries, is using blockchain and big data technologies for a new management system at its Spain-based production hub. With