Premium Advertising Package

$800.00 $700.00

Premium Advertising Package includes

  • Listing on forum and blog,
  • 3 Premium Banner Slots on the forum & blog,
  • Listing & Header and Bottom banners on monitor.
  • Exclusive Google Ads campaign,
  • Search engine reputation managing (SERM),
  • Promotion via social media,
  • Strong email newsletter promotion,
  • Premium place in the TOP 10 Projects ranking,
  • Ongoing support of your project during ad campaign. 

$100 sponsored deposit is included in the price. Mandatory deposit period is the term of our first investment in your project. The amount of reinvestments is determined by team.

If you haven’t the right size banner for the ad campaign you can order it at extra cost.

1. Listing on the Forum and Blog: Creating the thread with review of your project on the forum as well as posting a detailed review on blog.

2. Ongoing support of your thread: Regular updating information on your project, posting of payment proofs, project news, and other crucial information.  

3. Mailing promotion among forum users (more than 10K subscribers) — 6 times per month 

4. Sharing the project review via social media (Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter)

5. Pinning your project review message in Telegram chat 

6. One of the TOP 3 places in the TOP 10 Projects ranking on the Forum

7. HEADER BANNER on EVERY forum page (289×90 pixels, rotation) + 2 Small Banners After the First Post in EVERY forum thread (140×80 pixels, static) + FRONT PAGE BANNER on the Blog (780×100 pixels, rotation) 

8. Listing & HEADER and BOTTOM banners on monitor.

9. Exclusive Google Ads campaign for your Project + Search engine reputation managing (SERM): we buy your project-related search requests in Google Adwords as well as carry out search engine optimization of the project reviews posted on the Forum and Blog.